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Waterproof junction box

Waterproof junction box

material:cold-rolled steel

The junction box is the terminal of the distribution cable or optical cable, which connects the distribution cable or optical cable and the user line, and plays an important role in branching the main line.
waterproof junction box description

Wateproof junction box

Waterproof junction box is a kind of industrial connector. The junction box is a device that can output two current or data signals through the shunt conversion of a connected power supply or data. Our junction box has one pg11 gland at the entrance and two M36 glands at the exit. The junction box can be installed in the narrow space such as bridge, box, pipe, cable trench, etc., which does not occupy the effective use area of the building, is convenient to install, and does not need to cut off the main cable.

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Waterproof junction box size

waterproof junction box size

Waterproof junction box install size

waterproof junction box install size

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waterproof junction application

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waterproof junction box

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