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Telephone Line Relay Unit

Telephone Line Relay Unit


Telephone line relay unit

Telephone Line Relay Unit Model No: KNRC01 Overview

Telephone line relay unit KNRC01 is a Telephone line relay unit for analogue POTS/FXS telephone lines. The relay unit has a self-contained power supply and double switch NO/NC Relay.

It can amplify the sound of the phone ringing, can amplify the phone ringing tone to 207, and has a red light flashing. This machine adopts integrated sound and light, dustproof and waterproof design, easy to install and use, and has stable performance. It adapts to various harsh environments with high noise, allowing you to clearly hear the incoming call ring and caller ID light in any noisy environment.


1.Fix the elephone line relay unit to the wall or place it on a stable surface.

2.Glue the signal wire of the telephone line relay unit to the ring speaker hole of the telephone.

3.Connect the AC 220v power supply, and the power indicator light will light up.

4.When there is an incoming call, the alarm light rotates 360 degrees and flashes. At the same time, the bell also rings.

Note: The telephone and Telephone line relay unit can be installed together or separately from the telephone.

==>>>> Product Specification

Technical Parameters

Telephone line voltage: -48V, -24V

Current: 1A

Ring current voltage: AC90±15V

Sound gain: ≥120DB

Power supply voltage: AC220V

Power: 20W

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This product model:KNRC01