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Smart Solar Charge Controller

Smart Solar Charge Controller


Smart Solar Charge Controller

Smart Solar Charge Controller KN-2420/KN-2410

Main features
1. The design of IP68 waterproof level and aluminum shell helps effectively prevent erosion.
2. 12 V/24 V system voltage.
3. LED numeric display and waterproof keys are easy to use.
4. An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm applies an equalizing charge to the battery every week, effectively preventing the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration and therefore extending the battery's service life.
5. Up to 5 load working modes facilitate the product's application to different types of road lamps and monitoring devices.
6. Charging program options are available for sealed, GEL and flooded lead-acid batteries and ternary-material lithium
and lithium iron phosphate batteries.
7. An external temperature sensor helps deliver high-precision temperature compensation.
8. Parameter settings of power-down saving functions eliminate the trouble of repeated settings, making operation easy
and convenient.
9. Various kinds of state indicators.
10. Overcharge, over-discharge and overload protection, as well as short-circuit and reverse-connection protection.
11. TVS lighting protection.
Status Indication
LED lamp Indications Status Functions
Charging Steady on Solar panel of voltage
Steady off Solar panel of no voltage
Slow flashing Charging in process
Quick flashing System over voltage
Battery Steady on Normal battery function
Steady off Battery not connected
Slow flashing Battery under voltage
Quick flashing Battery over discharged
Load Steady on Load turned on
Steady off Load turned off
Slow flashing Overload protection
Quick flashing Short-circuit protection
Wiring diagram is as below

Installation Dimension

==>>>> Product Specification
Battery type Sealed GEL Flooded Ternary-material lithium Lithium iron phosphate
System current 10A;20A
No-load loss 10mA/12V;13mA/24V
Solar energy input voltage < 55V
System voltage 12V/24V Auto 12V/24V Auto 12V/24V Auto 3 and 4 strings: 12 V system;7 strings: 24 V system 4 strings: 12 V system;8 strings: 24V system
Overvoltage protection 17.0V 17.0V 17.0V 4.2V*N+2.0V 3.65V*N+2.0V
Equalizing charging voltage 14.6V - 14.8V - -
Boost charging voltage 14.4V 14.2V 14.6V - -
Floating charging voltage 13.8V 13.8V 13.8V - -
Overcharge voltage - - - 4.2V*N 3.65V*N
Overcharge recovery - - - 3.9V*N 3.4V*N
Boost charging recovery voltage 13.2V 13.2V 13.2V - -
Over-discharge recovery voltage 12.5V 12.5V 12.5V 3.3V*N 3.0V*N
Undervoltage 12.0V 12.0V 12.0V 3.2V*N 2.8*N
Over-discharge voltage 11.0V 11.0V 11.0V 3.0V*N 2.5V*N
Temperature compensation -4.0mv/℃/2V -4.0mv/℃/2V -4.0mv/℃/2V - -
Equalizing charging duration 1hour - 1hour - -
Boost charging duration 4hours 4hours 4hours - -
Light controlled voltage Light controlled on 5 V, light controlled off 6 V
Light control judgment time 1min
Overload and short-circuit protection 1.25 times of rated current: 30 s; 1.5 times of rated current: 5 s of overload protection;Over 3 times of rated current: short-circuit protection.
Operating temperature -35℃ to +65℃;
Protection degree IP68
Weight 140g(10A) 300g(20A)
Dimensions 82×58×20(mm)/10A 82×100×20(mm)/20A

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This product model:KN-2420/KN-2410