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Rig Call Control Box

Rig Call Control Box

model:KNFX-16JB Master

Rig Call Control box

Rig Call Control box Model:KNFX-16JB Master

KNFX-16JB Master Technical Specification


Rig Control box: Model: KNFX-16JB Master
Ports number: 16 analogue telephone line
Flexible configuration of FXS/FXO ports
SIP/MGCP protocol for IPPABX integration
Class I lightning protection
Suitable for offshore environment
Anti-corrosion/durable/waterproof IP66
KNFX-16JB Master is designed as compact units with 16 FXS/FXO ports, 1 WAN port, and 1 PC port, which allow users to apply them as N-to-1 systems capable of providing versatile solutions by connecting analog phone, fax and POS machine, IP telephony and PSTN.
*Up to 16 line extension in Analogue
*One to one call, one to multi-party call, one to all call.
*One to one paging, one to multi-party paging, one to all paging
*Paging and Party, or paging or party optional.

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3. Voice features

*Support FXS Port: 16 Extension Number
*Support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and SIP related rfc
*Voice code: G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729
*Echo cancellation: support G.168 standard. reach to cancellation for 128ms
*Long-line transmission: Support telephone line for 7KM
*Support VAD, CNG
*SIP supports SIP domain ,SIP certificate ( none ,basic, MD5), DNS, point to point ( DIALPEER setting and IP inputting) calling
*SIP support registered 16 account in the same time;Support could make calling via any account;
*Support DTFM mode: SIP info, RFC2833
*Support Fax :T.38、VBD 、BYPASS
*Support SIP application, including before the call (unconditional transfer/no answer transfer/user busy transfer), call transfer (blind turn/ask), after three calls, call hold, call waiting, call a hotline number, quickly abbreviated dial, number replace rules, restrictions, call, don't disturb, caller id, outside threats ringing, outside threats ring, etc.

4. Network features

*Support xDSL PPPoE and redial when out off line.
*WAN support DNS server function, support in DHCP mode, set dynamic DNSor static DNS address
*WAN support DHCP Client
*Support DNS Relay ,SNTP Client ,firewall
*Qos support TOS 、DSCP

5. Management and maintenance

*Support serial interface mode and can be program updates via a serial port mode
* Suppor configure via website , telnet and serial port
* Support upgrade and configure the files wia HTTP and FTP


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This product model:KNFX-16JB Master