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Industrial Acoustic Hood
Acoustic telephone hood
weatherproof telephone hood

Main features:

1. Designed for use in noisy areas and harsh environments
2. Extremely robust
3. Good acoustic qualities and highly visible
4. High visibility yellow paint finish
5. 18~23dB noise reduction or more
6. Telephone mounting panel 200mm deep shelf
7. Popular in noisy factories such as newspaper print rooms.
8. With SC16 stands pole mounting
9. With grounding device

Noise Reduction:
For external or internal use, the RF-25-B is designed to attain a high level of noise reduction up to 18~23dB. Manufactured using general-purpose resin material fire regulation, the RF-25-B is extremely robust and weatherproof. Inside the hood's shell is a perforated polypropylene lining that houses non-hygroscopic acoustic insulation.
Fitted to the inner back wall is a Metal plate; beneath this plate is a detachable GRP shelf with easy cable entry. 4 layers of different sound insulation cotton and other materials, so that your sound insulation effect is very good, so that there is no noise interference when you call. 

noise free call


noise free call

==>>>> Product Specification
Color: Yellow Body material in GRP(Glass reinforced plastic). Build with fire Resistance material.
Hood Dimensions: H690mm W690mm D610mm
S6 stands pole Dimensions: H1800mm W200mm D50mm
Weight -Approx 67Kg
Insulation Liner -White Perforated Polypropylene 3mm thickness
Boxed Dimensions -82 x 74 x 80cm and 198 x 51 x 41cm
Boxed Weight -Approx 36kg and 36kg Convert weight according to air freight volume:150kg
The hood and the stands pole are packaged separately.
Optional accessory for mounting telephone:
*Outdoor grade cold rolled steel mounting plate for telephone
*Outdoor grade stainless steel SUS304 mounting plate for telephone
*Outdoor grade stainless steel SUS316 mounting plate for telephone

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==>>>>Product Application

acoustic hood telephone acoustic hood telephone acoustic hood telephone

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

industrial telephone hoodimg

industrial telephone hoodimg

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This product model:RF-25-A/RF-25-B