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Outdoor LED beacon

Outdoor LED beacon


Outdoor LED beacon-D6

* Overview

The small alarm lights are waterproof , durable and high strength,made of high-quality resin. Suitablefor the harsh environments.The scientific parabolic mirror diffuses the light far away.

 * Technical spec

1. Working voltage: DC12V DC24V AC220V AC380V

2.Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

3. Light color: red/yellow/green/blue optional

4. Decibel level: None

6. Working mode: 1101 type general warning light, energized and rotated to emit light

7. Type of light source:light bulb

8. Police light power: 0.5W

9.Material: lampshade-PS base-ABS reflector-ABS

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* Precautions

1. When installing, check whether the power supply matches the rated voltage ofthealarm2. The warning light should face upwards during installation, using screw-fixed installationor magneticsuction

3. Make sure the wiring is accurate, and then start the power supply (DC should be distinguishedbetween positive and negative)

4.LTE: Screw type LTD: Magnetic type

5. Product size (according to the actual product) The actual product shall prevail:

* Size:

D6 size

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This product model:D6