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Industrial LED Beacon

Industrial LED Beacon


Industrial LED Beacon1
Industrial LED Beacon is mainly suitable for industrial telephones, mainly used for lighting alarms when used in industrial telephones.

D8 LED beacon with 72pcs high brightness LED lamp and intelligent IC control function,shade with focus function,more flash brightness,better quality,running stabler.Used in electrical power, telecommunications, machine tools, shipbuilding, printing, mining machinery and other equipment for indication signal, notice the signal, accident signal.

Product Parameter
      Power Consumption : 6W
      Voltage:DC 12V
      Operating Temperature:-30℃-60℃
      Color Optional:Red,Blue,Yellow,Green
      Lamp Beads:Φ5 straw hat lamp LED
      Operating Mode: Strobe
      Material: Import highly transparent Carbonate Material
      Fix type: Screw type + Magnetic
      IP rating :IP53
      D123mm*H113mm  Dimension: D123mm*H113mm

Dimensional Drawing

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==>>>>Telephone System
Industrial  weatherproof telephone system

==>>>>Product Application

phone Industrial  weatherproof telephone

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blue light Industrial LED Beacon Industrial LED Beacon Industrial LED Beacon

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This product model:D8-DZ1