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Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet Switch

size:(W × H × D): 170 mm × 127 mm × 60 mm

A ring Industrial Ethernet Switch switch can form a ring network. There are two ports for the ring on each switch, and the switches form a ring network topology by hand. The ring network switch adopts some special technologies to avoid the occurrence of broadcast storms and at the same time realize the reliability of the ring network.

Industrial Ethernet Switch KNPS-8-FB2


            Industrial Network Management Ethernet Switch supporting two Gigabit SFP fiber ports, one 10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 Port and seven 10/100M adaptive RJ45 ports, two power backup inputs and one relay alarm output. The product adopts ring network technology ( when network failure self-healing, <20ms), the users can easily set redundant ring network to increase network reliability, and also support SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS and SSH to enhance network security. In line with industrial grade 4 design requirements, the operating temperature of -40 to +75 °C can meet the requirements of various industrial sites, and has been widely used in electric power, water conservancy, rail transit and other fields.

              Rail-type network management industrial Ethernet switch 

              Provide powerful web management functions 

              2 Gigabit ports effectively create Gigabit self-healing redundant ring network 

              Support ring protocol (self-healing time <20ms) and RSTP/STP Ethernet redundancy 

              Supports SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, and SSH to enhance network security 

              Support WEB, CLI, Telnet / serial console, Windows utility, SNMP and various management methods


              Industrial Ethernet Series, designed for harsh and demanding industrial environments 

              Supports the command interface (CLI) for quick configuration of major management functions. 

              Support IEEE 1588 PTP V2 (Precision Time Protocol) for accurate network time synchronization 

              DHCP Option 82 is used to assign IP addresses with different policies.

              Support ring protocol “Ring” (self-healing time <20ms), STP, RSTP and MSTP Ethernet redundancy 

              IGMP Snooping and GMRP filter multicast traffic  Supports port-based VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN and GVRP protocol, simple network planning 

              Support port mirroring  Supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP protocols for device management and control 

              Support multicast, broadcast storm control 

              Bandwidth management: Supports port aggregation, port rate limiting, and broadcast storm suppression. 

              Support QoS and ToS/DiffServ for flow control and management 

              Support link aggregation and optimize bandwidth utilization 

              Supports SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, and SSH to enhance network security. 

              SNMPv1/v2c/v3 network management with different security levels 

              Support TACACS+  Use RMON to effectively improve network monitoring and forecasting capabilities 

              Support bandwidth management to ensure network stability 

              Support MAC address-based port locking to prevent illegal intrusion 

              Automatic alarm through E-mail and relay output 

              Reset: Supports restart and restore default configuration parameters

==>>>> Product Specification


        IEEE 802.3 is suitable for 10BaseT                    IEEE 802.3u is suitable for 100BaseT(X) and 100BaseFX 

        IEEE 802.3ab for 1000BaseT(X)                        IEEE 802.3z is suitable for 1000BaseX 

        IEEE 802.3x is suitable for traffic control            IEEE 802.1d-2004 is applicable to the Spanning Tree Protocol 

        IEEE 802.1w is suitable for Rapid STP              IEEE 802.1q is suitable for VLAN Tagging 

        IEEE 802.1p applies to Class of Service            IEEE 802.1x is applicable to Authentication 

        IEEE 802.3 AD is suitable for Port Trunk with LACP


        IGMPv1 / v2, v3 and GMRP GVRP, SNMPv1 / v2c/v3, DHCP Client, TFTP, SNTP, SMTP, RMON, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, Syslog, SSH, LLDP, IEEE 1588 PTP V2, IPv6.


        Mib-ii, Ethernet Like MIB, p-bridge MIB, Q-bridge MIB, BRIDGE MIB, RSTP MIB, RMON MIB Group 1, 2, 3, 9 Flow control: IEEE 802.3x flow control, back pressure flow control

Switch Properties:

           Priority queue: 4 

           Maximum number of available VLANs: 64 

           VLAN ID range: VID 1~4094 

           IGMP snopping multicast group: 256    

           MAC address table size: 8K 

           Packet buffer size: 1 Mbit


        Fiber port: 1000BaseX SC (can be used as FC ST SFP-LC interface) 

        RJ45 port: 10/100BaseTX or 10/100/1000BaseTX adaptive 

        Console port: Based on the serial port global network management RS-232 (RJ45 connector) 

        Button: Reset restart button Reset Alarm output: 1 relay output, current load capacity 2 A 

        Power input: 2 inputs, electronic isolation, common ground 

        Input voltage: 12VDC (5 ~ 55VDC), dual redundant input 

        Terminal block: 6 core 5mm spacing terminals 

        No-load power: 3.0W@12VDC 

        Full load power: <0.76A@12VDC, <10w 

        Support overload protection 

        Support reverse connection protection 

        Support redundancy protection


        The LED indicators of industrial Gigabit ring fiber switches show the working status of the switch. According to the LED, it can be judged whether the switch is working properly and may have any problems, thus helping to find out the fault.

Industrial Gigabit ring network switch indicators are all defined as follows:

          Size and working temperature

          Shell: IP40 protection grade, high-strength aluminum profile or iron shell installation: rail, wall mount Bench 

          weight: 800g 

          Dimensions (W × H × D): 170 mm × 127 mm × 60 mm

Operating temperature: 

          Standard model: -25 ~ +60 °C 

          Wide temperature model: -40 ~ +85 °C 

          Storage temperature: -40~85°C 

          Relative humidity: 5%~95% (no condensation)

          Reset and restore factory settings:

          Press the RESET button, the device will restart, and the factory reset can be done at the WEB interface. You can also complete the relevant commands through the CON port.

Ring network and more related settings

          1.Login System Default IP: Username : superuser Password: 123 

         2. ring network configuration: In the system properties (the device has been set to fast-breaking RSTP, the user can set up the ring network directly and can also make other corresponding changes according to the needs) 

          3 IP configuration To facilitate management, you can modify the IP address, and each device must be in the same IP address segment. 

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Industrial Ethernet Switch

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Industrial Ethernet Switch

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Industrial Ethernet Switch

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