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Explosion-proof Control Box

Explosion-proof Control Box


Explosion-proof control box[BX1-]

explosion proof control box

Cast aluminum explosion-proof control box

Fully functional with a wide range of control

Control fan

Control motor

Control welding machine

Control belt conveyor

Control water pump

Control lighting fixtures

Aluminum alloy protective shell

With a thickness of over 5mm and outdoor plastic powder used, the explosion-proof effect is guaranteed without frequent replacement, and the service life is long, reducing maintenance costs

Equipped with a detachable installation board, electronic components can be installed at will. The circuit is clear and convenient for later maintenance and repair.

explosion proof control box

Various brands of electronic components can be installed at will. If you have special requirements, please contact customer service for consultation!

Installation and maintenance

1.Cut off the previous power supply before installation and maintenance.

2.The incoming and outgoing cables pass through rubber sealing rings and are sealed with gaskets and compression.

3.During maintenance and disassembly, be careful not to bump or scratch the anti glare surface, and apply 204-1 anti rust oil.

4.The distribution box should be regularly inspected during use, and non professionals are strictly prohibited from opening the cover for installation and maintenance.

Scope of use

1.Used in hazardous areas in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

2.Used in explosive gas environments such as LA, IB, and IC.

3.Used in T1-T6 environments.

4.Suitable for combustible dust environments in zones 20/21/22


explosion proof control box

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explosion proof control boxexplosion proof control box

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explosion proof control box explosion proof control box explosion proof control box explosion proof control box explosion proof control box

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