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CD Audio Player

CD Audio Player


KNSH-CD12 CD Audio Player

High-grade aluminum 1.5U black brushed panel, rack-mounted installation, beautiful and generous;

Automatic playback when power on, leisurely infrared long-distance full-featured remote control;

Automatic broadcast control, full digital servo;

Compatible with DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, SVCD, MPEG4 and other disc formats;

System + ESS decoding scheme, super error correction function;

Comes with an MP3 card reader, which can be inserted into a U disk to play;

With high-definition video output interface;

Audio output: 0.775V±0.2V (output impedance 600 ohms);

Video output: 0.775V±0.2V (output impedance 75 ohms);

Distortion plus noise: -60dB;

Audio SNR: 80dB;

Frequency response: 20Hz~18KHz;

Power cord: (3×0.5 mm2)×1.5M (standard);

Power supply: AC220V±10% 50~60Hz;

Power: 10~15W;

Dimensions: 51 (H) × 483 (W) × 250 (D) mm;

Net weight: 2.7kg;

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CD Audio Player

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