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LED Beacon Light

LED Beacon Light


LED Beacon Light
LED Beacon Light D12-Y
The industrial LED lighthouse is mainly used for lighting alarms in industrial operations. The lighthouse is mainly adapted to the sp industrial telephone series.
  • Product of bulb steady type
  • Miniature Product which is suitable for OA machines whose installation space is small and for tiny machines of exclusive use
  • Employing tde special filament bulb with a weak influence on voltage variation
  • Material :Lens-AS,Body-ABS
  • Protection calss:IP44 


Model  Rated Voltage Current   Bulb Weight
 D12-B  DC12   0.437A  12V5W  G14 9S   0.08KG
   DC24   0.290A  24V5W  G14 9S   0.08KG
   DC110   0.051A  110V5W  T16*28 9S   0.08KG
   DC220   0.025A  220V5W   T16*28 9S   0.08KG
D12-BL Telephone line powered By RJ11 or RJ45


LED Beacon Light

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LED Beacon LightLED Beacon LightLED Beacon Light

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LED Beacon Light

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This product model:D12-B