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Desktop Intercom

Desktop Intercom

material:304 stainless steel

Our desktop intercom uses the national sip protocol to have all of the same features as its sip phone, and can connect the intercom to the amplifier speaker as a small broadcast system.
the desktop intercom product description

Desktop intercom KNZD-59

The steel desktop intercom is sturdy and hard to damage. Even if it falls from a height of 2 meters, there will be no problem. You can place the intercom on the table or use a rubber handle to secure it to the table to prevent slipping.sometime it can connect the voip intercom wall mounted to talk with others.

Desktop intercom function:

Normal call function, same as sip phone One-click answering,
hands-free function Bring your own speakers to ensure smooth calls
Multi-level volume control of the speaker
Dial using keyboard and shortcuts

We can provide desktop intercom system (analog and ip version)

Analog version of the desktop intercom system

To build a simulated desktop intercom system, you need to purchase a simulated version of the desktop intercom and analog version of the phone or intercom. The most important thing is to need a simulated pbx. Connect all analog terminals to the simulated pbx. In, you can use it.

Voip version of the desktop intercom system

Using ip technology to build an intercom system is currently the most advanced communication system. We recommend for you the phone system we built with ip pbx technology, using sip server. The desktop intercom system using sip server, with powerful media functions, queue, monitoring, scheduling and other functions.

Intercom for desktop

Desktop intercom is an important part of the intercom communication system. Using voip or analog communication protocol, you can directly dial any voip phone or broadcast. The built-in software intercom system can easily set up desktop intercom.

Desktop intercom station

Cast made of stainless steel, one-touch call, or direct dialing, with gooseneck microphone and LCD display. The call is stable and clear, with good quality and anti-vandalism. Very suitable for control rooms.

Product introduction:

1.       Strong compatibility of the system extended,support standard SIP  2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC agreement;

2.       Support one bottom call the dispatcher station,host, specify the terminal;

3.       Support digital keyboard;

4.       Support three shortcuts keypad;

5.       Provides alarm, monitor, intercom, broadcast  function;

6.       full-duplex talk functions;

7.       Use advanced echo elimination technology;

8.       Application: show  Caller id, Contacts.

9.       Speakers and microphone sensitivity adjustable;

10.   Optional G. 729, G. 723, G. 711, G. 722, G. 726 and many ways of voice coding ;

11.   System provides the recording and query the recording files at any time ;

12.   Setting via a WEB interface;

13.   Online software upgrade;

14.   Support power 1 w;



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==>>>> Product Specification
Communication protocol  SIP 2.0(RFC-3261)
 Master Chip  Broadcom 1190
 Keypad  Design  Stainless steel
 Number  Full digital keypad, 3 shortcut   (customizable) ,one hands-free button
 Display  Screen 1 pcs
 Voice  Hands-free microphone  1 pcs
 Amplifier  3W
 Speaker  3W
 Onboard power amplifier bypass jump line  Support
 Volume control  Adjustable
 Full duplex hands-free  Support (AEC)
 Head phone jack  Support
 Handset jack  Support
 Voice stream  Support protocol  RTP
 C-Codec  G.729,  G.723,    G.711,  G.722,G.726
 Connection  Power supply  5V -15(+-15%)/1A    DC or PoE
 PoE( IPGB-1verion not support)  PoE     802.3af(Class1)48V
 LAN  10/100BASE-TX   s   Auto-MDIX,  RJ-45
 WAN  10/100BASE-TX s Auto-MDIX, RJ-45
Recommend  cable  Cat5e or higher
 LCD  Support (optional)
 RS232  Aluminum cover ,aluminum bottom case
   Shell Material  aluminium alloy for the surface cover and the back shell
 Working temperature   Zero to fifty-five degrees

==>>>>Telephone System
the desktop intercom in the tunnel system

==>>>>Product Application
the desktop intercom use in the control room the desktop intercom use in the control roomthe desktop intercom in duty room

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures
the desktop intercom detail

==>>>>Product Video

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This product model:KNZD-59