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Industrial anti-noise phone

Industrial anti-noise phone


Waterproof, anti - noise industrial telephone is a high performance industrial level of the phone, the phone to specifically designed for the industrial noise environment. Anti-noise telephone, external headset, can be in 100 db noise environment, free from any influence.

Waterproof antinoise industrial telephone

Industrial anti-noise phone

 industrial telephone

Product description
  This phone is compatible with most analog or digital telephone PBX. Suitable for voice communication in many environments, and can point to point (one-touch) calls in a public communications network or private network.
  1.Supporting anti-noise headset, 100db noise no effect
  2.A key dialing
  3.Caller flash hint
  4.Call time limit
  5. Automatically hang up
  6. High waterproof, dust proof performance, all SUS304 stainless steel casing, protection grade                         IP66.
  7.High durability, the use of Teflon wire line, anti-oil, anti-acid, anti-alkali, strong anti-oxidant in line with military standards GJB-773 and UL1332 requirements.

  Subways, tunnels, nuclear power, shipbuilding, iron and steel metallurgy projects,and provide two-way voice communication and work site broadcast to sealed environment, noisy construction worker, as well as fire alarm dispatch command and call every workshops

Electro-acoustic features:
  1.Send loudness rating ≥ + 2dB ≤ + 12dB
  2.Receiving loudness rating ≥-8dB ≤-1dB
  3.Sidetone masking assessed value ≥ + 3dB ≥ + 10dB
Function features:
  1.Auto Dial: press the emergency button, after 3 to 5 second automatically dial to specify numbers.
  2.Switching monitor screen: Once you press the emergency button, the machine generates a binary signal, monitoring host will change the screen to the emergency call location.
  3.Calls flashing lights hint: When call comes in , high-brightness LED starts flashing, indicating a call comes in.
  4.Talk Time limit::Once call is connected for seven minutes time, the telephone will be automatically hang up . Prevent prolonged occupation line resources call (factory preset function).
  5.Automatically hang up: After the caller hangs up, the machine detects a busy signal and automatically hang up
  Dimensions: as shown

waterproof industrial telephone

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==>>>> Product Specification

Technical Data
  1.Temperature: -35 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ Relative Humidity: 10% to 95% Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~106 Kpa ambient noise: ≤70dB (A)
  2.Ringing level: 70db ~ 80db (A)
  3.Pulse dialing: Dial pulse intermittent ratio: 1.6 ± 0.2︰1.0
  4.Dial pulse rate: 10 ± 1 times / sec
  5.Dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) dialing:
  6.Deviation: ≤1.5%; low-frequency group level: -9 ±3dB; High Frequency Group level: -7 ± 3dB frequency combination of high and low difference: 2 ± 1dB; total harmonic distortion at least below the fundamental level is low 20dB
  7.Call transmission index: SLR≤12, RLR≤-1, STMR≥10, output impedance: 600Ω

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antinoise industrial telephone

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Waterproof antinoise industrial telephone

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