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Highway Roadside Emergency Call

VoIP Telephone System for Highway

What is a voip telephone system?

The Voip telephone system is a modern telephone system that transmits and compresses communication signals in the form of data packets over an ip network. All communication terminals in the Voip telephone system are sip protocols that conform to international standards, and the entire system communicates use the ip network. Because the voip phone system is stable, the call is free, and the media features are often used in the office as a business phone system. With the development of ip technology, voip telephone system with ip pbx system as a complete set of telephone management system, has been widely extended to industrial intercom system, highway emergency intercom system, subway emergency intercom system.

voip telephone system

How does voip telephone work

The Voip telephone looks and uses the same as a traditional analog phone. The difference is how voip phones work and how to set them up. Voip's full name is voice over internet protocol, which is a voice call technology. It uses ip protocol to reach voice calls and multimedia conferences, and communicates via the Internet. The basic principle of VoIP is to compress the voice data encoding through the voice compression algorithm, and then package the voice data according to the TCP/IP standard, send the data packets to the receiving place through the IP network, and then string the voice data packets. After decompression processing, the original voice signal is restored, thereby achieving the purpose of transmitting voice by the Internet. Analog telephone communication is a communication method that simulates a change in electrical signals. Before using a VoIP phone, you need to set up a VoIP phone to register the phone to the Internet.

Voip telephone system and ip pbx system.

voip telephone system and ip pbx system

With the continuous development of social needs, a single voip telephone system cannot meet the demand. Combine the voip telephone system with the ip pbx system to form a powerful and stable emergency dispatch system. The whole system has the functions of broadcasting, queue, call transfer, forced release and monitoring. The most important thing is to manage the terminals of the entire VoIP telephone system, set up, upgrade, and control outgoing calls.we also should use the voip intercom voice to help us to connect others.

Voip telephone system and ip pbx system for highway

voip telephone system

The expressway is a symbol of national modernization, which can effectively improve the national highway traffic structure and transportation efficiency, and plays a very important role in promoting the country's economic development. Applying VoIP telephone system and ip pbx system to highway communication can save labor costs and capital costs, and improve the intelligence and efficiency of communication systems.

Voip telephone for highway System functions

+Echo detection: Using the most advanced telephone detection technology in the world, the host computer system can send echo detection commands to single or multiple IP phones. The IP phone will activate the echo detection function and report the detection results to the upper computer. The working status of the IP telephone is clearly reflected in the central host computer system.

+ Emergency help: emergency or help can call a tunnel, rescue center or alarm

+Tunnel crack detection: It can detect single-tunnel section or single-channel whole network in the control center or the console of the tunnel, and output high-definition electronic video data.

+ Unified Broadcasting: The Expressway Broadcasting Management Center can broadcast all toll stations, service areas, and tunnel broadcast points.

+ Group Broadcasting: The Expressway Broadcasting Management Center can randomly combine the charging stations of the toll stations, service areas and tunnels, and broadcast the programs in a timed group or single point.

+Emergency broadcast: In the event of an emergency, the Broadcast Management Center and each broadcast point can make an emergency broadcast to notify other or all broadcast points.

+Multi-channel broadcasting: With multi-channel broadcasting function, the broadcasting stations, service areas and tunnels can listen to different broadcast contents at the same time.

+Automatic broadcast: The web server main control software can set the timed playlist, the audio is automatically broadcasted regularly, and each broadcast point playback device automatically switches according to the timed playlist.

+ Arbitrary call: The sub-control station can be set up, and the broadcast management center and the sub-control broadcast station can broadcast any call to the broadcast point.

+ Two-way intercom: Each broadcast point can conduct two-way intercommunication with a broadcast management center, a sub-control radio station or other broadcast points.

Voip telephone system for highway advantage

The Control Management Center integrates traditional decentralized systems and integrates management such as dispatching, broadcasting, telephone, monitoring, and tunnel electrical appliances. Reduce construction costs and facilitate intelligent management.

Intelligent control of tunnel electrical appliances, tunnel electrical appliances are divided into tunnel lights and tunnel ventilation fans. The host computer system sends a tunnel light or a fan switch command to the IP telephone

Supporting emergency telephone remote maintenance, the IP telephone adopts the world's most advanced echo detection technology, which can clearly reflect the working status of the IP telephone in the upper computer system of the road section control center, completely saving the manual detection work of the high-speed road section.

Voip telephone system and ip pbx system can do much things

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