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Window intercom is a duplex intercom, often used in ticketing windows. The exterior is made of metal and is sturdy and durable.If you would like to consult or order window intercom, please contact us at marketing@koontech.com or online server, we will provide you with competitive prices.
window intercom description 

Window intercom KNDJ-01

    The window intercom adopts a special external intercom speaker microphone, which is equipped with a power amplifier and an external speaker in the entire window intercom system to realize the broadcast function. The window intercom has the function of sound amplification, which is often used in the bank counter, the ticket window, and the security of the customer service staff is greatly improved by the bulletproof glass and the customer intercom.
Designed for price ticket windows - Teller Windows- Duty area- broadcast room.The window intercom for the dialogue between the printed area and also the window.  
Key Features:
        High Quality Audio
        Rugged Al Construction
        Duplex Communication 
        Voice Activated Switch
        Desk Mounted Amplified intercom
        Using associate degree acoustic tube with noise cancelling electro-acoustic transducer
        Voice-actuated Hands-free communication
        Flexible curved shape sort electro-acoustic transducerOptional Mono sort telephone receiver (φ3.5 plug)
        Detection detector switches mechanically to communication mode Separate electro-acoustic transducer victimisation associate degree nonobligatory electro-acoustic transducer
        Paging to waiting area
        Thin form of the acoustic tube doesn't hinder the sphere of vision
        Holes within the barrier glass 
        Different types of speak through grills and window intercoms

We can also offer the window intercom systems.

The Window intercom System is a reliable versatile security and business office communication unit with top quality audio and sturdiness. The vocalization (Voice intensity level Activation) feature, audio-shaping electronic equipment, and duplex style eliminate the encircling noise interruption, and guarantee superior voice quality.The window interocm  System offers 2 hands-free operation modes - curved shape electro-acoustic transducer operation and telephone receiver operation (not included). whereas the curved shape operation mode permits you to freely access data sheets or money drawers, the telephone receiver usage offers privacy and lowers the close noise levels in multi-user environments.To ensure optimum performance, the interior electro-acoustic transducer threshold adjustment permits you to linethe sensitivity of the within and outdoors microphones to the standard amplitude at that location. This conjointlyensures that electro-acoustic transducer is active only it's used.

The intercom

Window intercom are devices that communicate with each other across windows, and are often used when handling various types of institutional windows.

Function introduction editing:

1. Applicable to banks, industry and commerce, taxation, insurance companies, payment, mobile services, telecommunications, customs, hospitals and other places.
2, bank window intercom
 The main unit has a metallic color and the extension uses a metal extension.
3, fully automatic one-to-one two-way intercom, no buttons, despite the conversation, the external microphone has been placed in the extension.
4, microcomputer processing circuit, with squelch function, and completely solve the echo, howling.
5, using a high-performance conference microphone integrated with the mainframe, the playback is more realistic, clear and loud.
6, the internal and external volume of the system can be adjusted separately, and can be individually switched, and there is only one connection inside and outside, the installation is simple.
7, with the host, you can monitor the call of each window in real time, the sound is realistic, clear, no notice at the window (for the length of the monitor).
8, with the host, you can also speak to the window intercom host, the external extension without any awareness (for line length interjection).
9, there is a recording jack, can output  internal and external dual-channel sound signal (with bank teller system, monitoring equipment, voice card and other equipment recording).

Technical feature editing

● Adopt patch technology, with squelch function, and completely solve echo and howling.
● Both the main unit and the extension are made of all-metal material, which is opened separately and has a silver appearance. Various colors can be customized according to customer needs.
● A high-performance conference microphone integrated with the main unit.
● Fully automatic one-to-one two-way intercom, no need to press the button, the volume inside and outside the system is adjusted separately, separate switch, there is only one connection inside and outside.
● A recording jack (with user recording) is available to output both internal and external sound signals.

installation method:

1. Install the main unit in the working room, and install the extension outside the working room (usually 30cm above the transfer tray), and plug the extension plug of the extension into the extension cable jack of the main unit.
2. Insert the DC12V transformer into the 220V mains supply, and plug the DC12V into the mains power jack .
3. Turn on the power switch of the main unit, and the power indicator light is on, indicating that the power supply of the unit is normal.
4. Press the internal switch and the external switch. The two green lights on the top are on, and the work room can talk in both directions. It is a two-way intercom.
5. The voice of the staff inside is expanded from the outside extension; the voice of the outside customer is expanded from the host inside. Indicates that the two-way intercom works normally.

Intercom function:

1. The two-way intercom can be directly performed by the microphone and the extension on the host; the extension can directly talk to the host in both directions.
2. When the internal switch or the external switch is pressed, the upper green light is off, the internal sound or the external sound can be turned off. That is, one-way delivery.

Recording, monitoring, and inserting functions:

1. Insert the distributed recording cable into the recording, monitoring, and intercom jack of the host computer, and then connect with the sip intercom to the z host (optional). You can monitor and interpolate each window in real time, and there is no notice at the window during monitoring. Used for line length monitoring and interpolating for each window).
2. When you need to record the internal and external sounds of the workplace, you can insert the distributed recording cable into the hole of the host to output the sound signal, and use the bank teller system, monitoring equipment or digital recording system (optional) to record.

Product Features:
      ◆window intercom KNDJ-1 Main body with whole aluminum alloy with stainless steel,slave using electroplating plastic shell(triangle slave or metal slave optional).
      ◆The master adopts intercom special loudspeaker, and long metal hose microphone (37cm), more convenient to process two-way intercom freely.
      ◆Streamlined external slave with circular design, make it smart, beautiful and elegant. Internal and external connections using a four-core, high-strength pull-resistant, fully shielded foil line, stronger anti-interference, coupled with the installation of stainless steel which retain more appropriate.(Optional aluminum vice machine available).
      ◆Play fidelity, clear, the volume of inner and outer can be individually adjustable with unique dynamic sound indicator.
      ◆Microcomputer processing circuit with mute function can deal with whistler, echo.
      ◆Recording jack can output both inside and outside voice signals (assist the bank teller system for recording).
      ◆Can be used in those places such as bank, post offices, railway stations, insurance companies, hospitals and other places.

     1. The master is installed in the workplace while the slave out of the workplace. Input the attachment plug of slave into cable jack where the slave connects to the master.
     2. Connect the transformer to the 220V electric power. DC12V plug into the power of the master.
     3. Switch on the power of master, power indicating red light, said power supply is working correctly.
     4. The inside and outside volume knob can separately adjust the volume.


==>>>> Product Specification

Basic Configurations:
     1. Package (20 tables per lot):325×440×550mm(L×W×H)
     2. Master Dimension: 150×103×47mm(L×W×H)
     3. Slave dimension: ¢68×18mm(D×H)

==>>>>Telephone System

Window Intercom In Out Telephone System

windows intercom for hospital telephone system
windows intercom system for bank
windows intercom for hospital telephone system windows intercom for hospital telephone system windows intercom for hospital telephone system

==>>>>Product Application

Window Intercom Application Place

bank window intercom application place bank window intercom application place  bank window intercom application place bank window intercom application place window intercom application place

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

Window Intercom Front view,left view,right view

window intercom window intercom window intercom left view window intercom right view

==>>>>Product Video

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This product model:KNDJ-1


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