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Telephone outdoor

Telephone outdoor


For outdoor power plants, mines, coal preparation plants and other dust, harsh environment and other characteristics, ordinary fixed telephone can not meet the needs of communication scheduling, KNSP-18L enhanced waterproof voice amplification anti-noise telephone is the best choice.

telephone outdoor description

KNSP-18L Telephone outdoot

      1 pick/hang way: pick/hang up way to handle control mode, pick machine to get through, hang machine is disconnected;

      2 Answering the phone: when there is a call, the telephone ring, remove the handle, you can talk to each other, after the call to hang back to handle;

      3 Call: remove the handle, according to the common phone call way, talking to each other;

      4 Deposit number: remove the handle, press "storage" key, input plan to deposit in your account number and press "storage", press "0-9" which Ren Yijian deposit as the number of address, hang up.

      5 Extraction number: remove the handle, press "extraction", press "0-9", which required a certain number of keys can be allocated memory number.

Product features :
      1, shell: Germany imported materials forging and become, strong and durable, sealing well;Won't produce electrostatic surface, blast resistance high!Wide temperature - 30-75 degrees.

      2, display: support caller id display function or IP address.(optional)

      3 seismic: embedded link design, especially suitable for ships, offshore platforms, such as locomotive vibration and there is a typhoon.

      4 buttons: SUS304 stainless steel metal buttons, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti violence.

      5 handle: Germany imported materials, one-piece structure, good sealing, through continuous rap don't burst. Torsional deformation, light resistance, resistance to high and low temperature. Fire prevention performance is good. Don't burst in 40 degrees below zero. The product quality is much better than the PC and ABS material of the receiver.

      6 Wire: the military level standard teflon wire, acid and alkali resistant, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, no fire.

      7 waterproof glue:use the international brand, high viscosity, high temperature resistant, high pressure, waterproof life more than 10 years.

      8  The receiver is the military level, industrial special customized handset, keyboard, buzzer, circuit board, housing all the accessories adopt multi-layer waterproof, dustproof structure.Have three waterproof, dustproof function, the whole machine level ip66 GB4028-93 reach national standards.

      9 The Phone have good stability, strong anti-jamming capability, accord with national standard GB/T 15279-15279.

      10 Amplification function: when the environment more than 90 decibels, ordinary telephone bell often cannot let staff heard the bell, lead to production scheduling command cannot be communicated in a timely manner, causing economic losses.

      11 After detected in one of the following circumstances, the amplification of the machine parts automatically quit amplifying call, and telephone line off-line, enter the standby mode.A. ringing number have not reached set value, calling terminate the call.B. calling after call broadcast complete hang machine, the machine received busy signal provided by the switch signals or reverse polarity.C. when calling on the radio silence period is greater than the 80 s.D. it is the phone handle, call.

       12 During the call, called also can remove the handle and calling on the phone, the sound amplification system automatically shut down.

       13 Called picking machine during the ringing call.

       14 During the machine in standby, 24 v power supply automatically shut down, only under the fluid flow trigger turned on the power, make the machine work more safety and reliable.

 The size

emergency telephone voip

 The install size

moisture-proof telephone size


telephone outdoor

      product name:KOON Industrial amplification telephone
      product model: KOON  KNSP-18L
      Protection grade: IP66
      Size: 290 * 185 * 118 mm
      Product material: SMC


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==>>>> Product Specification

The main technical parameters:
    1, suitable for different kind of feeder voltage 33-60 v PBX and the scheduling and dispatching switch system

    2, temperature: - 35 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ relative humidity: 10% ~ 95%, atmospheric pressure of 86 ~ 106 Kpa environmental noise: 60 db (A) or less

    3, ringing sound level: 120 db or higherLine 

    4, when the user is 3 km yes signal level standard frequency, low-frequency group: 697-941 hz frequency group: 1209-1477 hz Frequency deviation: no more than plus or minus 1.5% combined signal of high frequency level difference: 2 + 1 db Total caused by harmonic intermodulation distortion degree is lower than the basic level at least 20 db

    5, voice transmissions indicators: SLR, 12 or less RLR - 1 or less, STMR 10 or more, the output impedance: 600 Ω

    6, with super 12 groups of Numbers stored memory dial-up function (each group number 16 longest)

    7, in the 0.8 mm on the cable core of subscriber line up to 7 km long.

==>>>>Telephone System

telephone outdoor

==>>>>Product Application

Telephone Outdoor

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures
Telephone Outdoor

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This product model:KNSP-18L