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VoIP SIP Telephone PCB Board

VoIP SIP Telephone PCB Board

material:VoIP industrial control Board

VOIP SIP PCB board KN518
SIP Broadcast PCB board KN518, PCB surface glued protection: Water - proof, Dust proof, Oxidation - proof. The use of special technology processing, the SIP Broadcast PCB board KN518 at 70 ℃ to -40 ℃ run pure industrial environment normal work. We provide you with customized software, Support WAN/LAN, Duplex Intercom, Echo Cancellation, Upgrade Online.

VoIP SIP Telephone PCB Board


SIP Broadcast PCB board KN518

     Working at -40℃-+70℃ hazardous pure industrial environment
     4 ~100 I/O output and imput for external control
     Support WAN/LAN, Duplex Intercom,Echo Cancellation,Upgrade Online
     Webpage upto 50+ IP station group/direct call without Servier
     Adjustable sound volume
     IP address Sound reporting or LCD display
     Door phone RFID card reader
     Board cast amplifier for paging option
     CCTV trigger available
     SIP 2.0 and private protocol
     5 years warranty

PCB Features

     1.  SIP 2.0 and IMS platform operators, the interconnection between mainstream manufacturers IP PBX.
     2.  High-end chips: the embedded DSGP chip, stable and reliable.
     3.  Call flexible: support hands-free, handset, headset operating mode.
     4.  Voice interface: hands-free, handset, headset, audio interfaces and an external amplifier interface.
     5.  Power supply: DC5V-15V, compatible POE IP PBX power supply mode (POE 802.3af Classl 48V)
     6.  Alarm Interface: Built-in three-way input detecting short circuit, output short-circuit three-way.
     7.  Telecom-level voice: support full-duplex speakerphone, providing Telecom level voice quality.
     8.  On board Amplifier: Built-in 2.5W / 4Ω digital amplifier, drive loudspeakers directly.
     9.  Remote adjust volume: support the console remote to adjust the volume.
     10.  Multiple key options: support dial any telephone number, the numeric keypad and function keys, speed dial keys, editing keys.
     11.  Status indicate: support registration, call status indication.
     12.  Multi-party call: supports three-way calling or multiparty call (multiparty conferencing).
     13.  MIC Mute: Support IPPBX broadcast voice call, local MIC automatically mute to avoid howling.
     14.  Warning lights drive: support indicator lights for coming calls and taking.


Business Fields
     Telecommunication device, VoIP speakers, emergency intercom, emergency telephone.
     For public address, Industrial, onshore, shipyards, ship building, power plant, steel plant, airport, metro, bank, tunnel, ...etc. PCB surface glued protection: Water-proof, Dust-proof, Oxidation-proof.
     The three reasons you choose Kntech
     The best industrial telecommunication VoIP Broadcasting System!
     Less than a half price of other businesses!
     24X7 hours on line quick services!\

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Variety Of Terminals for DIY Assembling
Outdoor & Indoor application. SOS telephone, Help point, handset emergency phone, hand-free emergency phone, help phone, outdoor emergency phone, call point, metal help phone, camera phone, public phone, loud speaking phone, bank service telephone, elevator phone, ...etc.

VoIP SIP Telephone PCB Board

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VoIP SIP Telephone PCB Board

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