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Sound Column

Sound Column


Sound -Column-Sip-30W
The sound column is a network cable that uses an external power supply 30W sip speaker.Built-in network interface, can be used directly connected to the network switch。
Sound Column


In live video monitoring situations, KNSIPSP-L8‐30W ,the sip speaker

en- ables an operator to remotely address people and de- ter unwanted activity. 

The loudspeaker can also play a pre-recorded audio file when it is manually or automat- ically triggered in response to an alarm event.

KNSIPSP-L8‐30W makes announcements possible from any- where with network connectivity. It easily integrates Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony systems that use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

The outdoor-ready KNSIPSP-L8‐30W is easy to install.The loudspeaker has a built-in amplifier.

It connects directly to an IP network with one network cable for communication and power. 

Despite its low power consumption, KNSIPSP-L8‐30W en- ables a high sound pressure exceeding 95 dB. Being a standalone unit, KNSIPSP-L8‐30W can be placed anywhere, enabling a flexible, scalable and costeffective approach to system design.

The speaker comes with pre-recorded audio files andallows usersto upload their own audio.


Outdoor horn speaker installation,Simple installation allows you to see it.

==>>>> Product Specification
Models KNSIPSP-L8‐30W
Audio streaming One‐way/ (Differential output)
Audio compression G.711 PCM 8 kHz, G.726 ADPCM 8 kHz
Audio input/output Built‐inmicrophone (can be disabledmechanically)
Built-in microphone specification 50 Hz ‐ 16 kHz
Speaker Approvals
Max sound pressure level >95 dB
Frequency response 280 Hz ‐ 12.5 kHz
Coverage pattern 70° horizontal by 100° vertical (at 2 kHz)
Amplifier description Built‐in 30 W Class D amplifier
Supported protocols IPv4/v6, HTTP, SIP, NTP, TCP, UDP,DHCP
Casing Impact‐resistant aluminum, IP55‐ and NEMA 4X‐rated. For
repainting instructions and impact on warranty, contact
your partner
Memory 256 MB RAM, 256 MB Flash
Power Supply AC:110V~240V
Connection RJ45 
Operating conditions ‐20°C to 50 °C (‐4 °F to 122 °F) Humidity 10–100% RH (condensing)
Dimension 150 x 270 x 80 mm

==>>>>Telephone System

Sip Speaker System

The sip speaker uses a 24-port network switch that connects to the entire system using a network cable. The system uses multiple sip speakers, uses the KNZD-59 telephone console, and the office phone KNPL-580 acts as a control center.

Sound Column

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This product model:KNSIPSP-L8(30w)