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Warm congratulations on KOON winning the bid of the anti-noise hood and emergency phone project of CNOOC northern bureau

Last month, we learned that we won the bid of anti-noise hood and emergency phones project of CNOOC northern bureau, our quality of our products is superior to European and American old brand enterprises. Won the order of over100 sets RF-13, our anti-noise hood won’t be destroyed even a Shandong strong man weight 80KG dance on the hood. The level of Noise cancelling and technique are superior to the European and American products. In the past, the price of these products manufactured by france and germany is incredibly expensive as to 15000 for one. Our products are certainly not cheap. But quality and service are better. In addition to that we won the bid of over 100 sets waterproof telephone of Shandong sea stage after May, this time we also provided 100 sets IP telephone COSL. Proprietor assigned our products and model!
By  the middle of June, we also provide dozens of sets of acoustic hoods for Jiangnan shipyard and Hudong shipyard.