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Warm congratulations on KOON winning the bid of the jail emergency phone project of south Africa

       We learned that we win the bid of the project south Africa jail emergency phone, KNZD-03,KNZD-06,KNZD-09 totalled over 1200 sets , the first batch 300 sets, we have got the PO of the client. We and our agencies have defeated the American competitors. In the following, we have an entrance guard telephone with password project of more than 500 sets. The agencies are confident to win the order. Now it appears that in the market of latin America, Mideast and Africa, European and American competitive rivals are no rival for  us . we will violently attack the European and American high-end market, such as  the European&American markets under the control of two license tag DNV and EX II, such as nuclear power, petroleum ,chemical project, these are the profitable business. Our main force will all-out attack the above industries.