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PA Central System Controller

PA Central System Controller


PA Central System Controller

pa system server main view

PA Central System Controller

Model: KNTD-50PA

The system controller manages all system related functions of Public address and Voice Alarm system. It routes all audio connections between network-connected audio sources and destinations. It supervises and plays back messages and tones, stored on its flash memory, either scheduled or manually started from a call station or PC. It manages the routing of background music streams, along with business calls and emergency calls, all based on priority level and zone occupancy. It collects all status information of connected system devices, manages the event logs and reports faults. The system controller is network- connected via CAT6 Cable and AC- powered from a power supply. UPS backup power supply recommended. The built- in web server allows for system configuration using a browser.

PAGA Central System Controller Function

Capability to control a system with up to 50 IP devices, serving more than 50 zones.
A+B dual redundant system controller option for highest system availability
Internal storage capacity for messages and tones;
Multi- messages can be played back simultaneously and independently;
Internal real time clock for scheduled events and event time stamping;
Support for Network Time Protocol (NTP) with automatic adjustment for time;
Internal system event and fault event log;
Built- in web server for configuration and file management using a browser.
Secure interconnections using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES128) for audio data and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for control data.

Sound quality

•Audio- over- IP, audio sample rate is 8kHz with 24- bit sample size.
•Messages and tones are stored as high definition uncompressed mp3/wav- files.


•Supervision of stored messages and tones.
•Supervision of data integrity of site specific data.
•Internal watchdog timers to detect and recover from processing errors.
•Faults or problems of all system devices are collected, reported and logged.

Fault tolerance

• Dual Network connector or backup.supporting RSTP.
• Monitor N+1 amplifier devices detection,
•Dual AC- inputs with polarity reversal protection (Option).

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PA Central System Controller Specification

pa system server specification

Family product recommended

KNDDT-A17 for system configuration and manage broadcast.
Its a PC with 17 inch touch screen display.

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This product model:KNTD-50PA