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Integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier



KNTECH amlifier main view

Single Channel Power Amplifier KNMK-640


      The range of power amplifiers is designed for general commercial and industrial public address applications. The audio amplifier actually amplifies a smaller audio signal, increases its power, and then outputs it. Preamplification is mainly to complete the amplification of small signals. A codirectional amplification circuit is used to amplify the voltage of input audio small signals to obtain the input required by the later stage. The next video will focus on power amplification of audio so that it can drive resistors to get the desired audio.


1. 5-way signal input (front panel one-way microphone input, rear panel two-way microphone input, two-way line input)

2. With 100V, 70V constant voltage output and 4~16 Ω constant resistance output;

3. The volume of each input channel is adjusted independently;

4. Independent adjustment of treble and bass;

5. Mic1 automatic silent tone;

6. Led level display;

7. It has perfect output short-circuit protection and over temperature protection functions;

8. Forced start of cooling fan;

9. It is very suitable for medium and small public places;

Front  Panel description

amplifier panel detail

1.Power switch  2.bass adjustment  3.treble adjustment  4.Microphone volume  5.auxiliary volume  6.mic1 microphone jack  7.Power indicator  8.level indicator

Note: when the five level lights are always on, it indicates overload distortion, and the relevant volume knob should be adjusted to normal.

Front  Panel description

amplifier rear panel decription

1.fuse.  2.AC power interface.  3.output terminal.  4.Line output port (recording or linking other audio equipment).  5.line input socket 1, 2.  6.Microphone socket 2 and 3.

Note: only one pair of the four output terminals of the power amplifier should be used.

Silent sound function  

Mic1 has the highest priority, and the signal input from this socket will suppress the input signals from other sockets.

Installation precautions

1 .do not block the vent of the equipment.

2. Before use, pay attention to check that the power cord is not damaged

3. The power plug and socket should match. If the socket and plug do not match, a suitable power socket must be connected. People are not allowed To destroy the power plug.

4. The power supply used by the equipment should have sufficient capacity and independent and reliable grounding wire.

5. When using this machine, pay attention to good ventilation, prevent dust and humidity, and avoid direct sunlight and strong vibration. The most suitable working environment 5-28 Centigrade, relative humidity <99%, if working for a long time, when the ambient temperature is too high, it is recommended to take effective cooling measures.

6. The required power supply voltage of this machine is 220v+10%50/60hz. If the power supply voltage is too high or too low, it should be switched off immediately Check it and power it up again after troubleshooting

7 when the power is turned on and the signal is input, if you hear a short alarm signal tone, it indicates that the load is short circuited, you should immediately cut off the power and add To check. Power up again after troubleshooting

8. Before starting the power amplifier, be sure to turn the volume to the minimum and turn it up slowly after starting the power amplifier to prevent damage to the loudspeaker. When shutting down, please Turn the volume to the minimum, and then turn off the power supply to reduce the total impact on the power grid

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loudspeaker telephone system

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