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Power Amplifier

Power Amplifier


The audio amplifier actually amplifies a smaller audio signal, increases its power, and then outputs it. Preamplification is mainly to complete the amplification of small signals.

Power Amplifier

A codirectional amplification circuit is used to amplify the voltage of input audio small signals to obtain the input required by the later stage. The next video will focus on power amplification of audio so that it can drive resistors to get the desired audio.Power amplifier is referred to as power amplifier for short. It generally refers to one of the most basic equipment in sound system, commonly known as "amplifier". Its task is to amplify the weak electrical signal from the signal source (or the mixer in the professional audio system). Drive the speaker to make a sound. Can also refer to other equipment for power amplification.


      The range of power amplifiers is designed for general commercial and industrial public address applications.Rack mount design in 3U type,rated power ranges from 240W,480W,650W,which provides a wide selection to meet different size sound system demanols.Both balanced and unbalanced line inputs make it selectable for installer,balanced line output feeds to another power amplifier as well as secures the signal transmission is lessnoise and longer distance.70V,100V and 4-16 ohm speaker outputs are convenient for installation when selection different speaker matching. Amatching. A master volume control is included.Complete protection includes clip,short circuit,high temp and overload.Indications for power,signal clip,protection and temp.


     *Rack mount amplifier in 3U type.

     *Rated power from 240W,480W,650W.

     *70V,100V and 4-16ohm speaker outputs.

     *Isolated transformer for human safety operation.

     *Balanced XLR type line input and unbalance 1/4 inch TRS phone iack line input.

     *Balanced XLR type line output feeds to another power amplifier

     *Reliable protection of over heat,over load,clip& short circuit.

     *Indications for power,signal,clip,protection and temp

     *Excellent device of radiator cooling fanner that ensures working effectively


     *DC 24V input available on less than 650W models.

     *Panel with/without handhold

     *Faults monitoring moudule,it can output short circuit signal to achieve main/spare amplifier switch.

Rear Panel

power amplifier size and design

power amplifirer design

==>>>> Product Specification
Model KNMK-650
Rated Power Output 650W
Speaker Outputs 70V,100V&4-16Ω
Input Sensiticity& Impedance ±385mV/20kΩ,Balanced XLR Input
775mV/10KΩ,Unbalanced TRS Input
Output Sensiticity& Impedance ±385mV/470Ω,Balanced XLR Input
775mV/470Ω,Unbalanced TRS Input
Overload Electromotive Force >15dB
Frequency Response 50Hz-16KHz(+1dB,-3dB)
S/N Ratio >90dB
THD less than 0.1% at 1KHz,1/3 rated power
Ground Lift Lift the earth line ground by switch GND/lift to "lift" position
Cooling Fan automatically star up when temp reaches 55℃
Protection Over heat,over load,clip & short circuit
Power Supply 110V-230V 50/60Hz or DC 24V
power Consumption 720W
Weight 15.24Kg
Dimensions 484*359*132mm
Finish Pannel:aluminum plate,black
Case:Steel plate,black

==>>>>Telephone System

power amplifier and paga system

==>>>>Product Application

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures
power amplifier detailed view

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This product model:KNMK-650


This product model:KNMK-650