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Window Intercom System

window intercom telephone system

What is the window intercom system

Window intercom system, that is, window intercom, is a one-to-one internal and external intercom device, mainly used in the service window industry where it is difficult to talk inside and outside, such as bank windows, station ticket windows, etc.

The window intercom system introduction:

According to the actual needs of the scene, all bank service windows must be equipped with bulletproof glass, which causes inconvenience to the conversation inside and outside the windows. Because of this, the window intercom system came into being. The window intercom system can better help the bank staff to serve customers, and the window intercom can clearly communicate with customers.

System Components:

It mainly consists of a host inside the window and an extension outside the window.

The window intercom system features:

1. Easy to install.
2. Fully automatic one-to-one two-way intercom, no need to press buttons, just talk.
3. With noise suppression function, and completely solve the echo and howling.
4. The playback is realistic, clear and loud.
5. The internal and external volume of the system can be adjusted separately, and can be switched on and off separately.
6. With the intercom host, it can monitor the call of each window in real time, the sound is lifelike and clear, and there is no detection at the window (used for monitoring by the president).
7. Cooperating with the intercom host, it can also speak to the window intercom host, without any detection of the external extension (used for interruption by the president).
8. There is a recording jack, which can output internal and external two-way sound signals (with the bank teller system, monitoring equipment, recording card and other equipment recording).

Bank counter window intercom system Two-way intercom microphone intercom speaker system 3W speakers, can ensure a clear call.

Security window intercom system. Communicate smoothly with customers through the barrier glass at the ticket booth or service window;

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