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Hospital intercm system

The hospital intercom system is based on the hospital bed call system construction and use requirements, medical intercom, doctor-patient intercom, ICU visits, public broadcasting, using the internal network to design a set of digital IP network internal intercom system, internal network intercom The system requires the broadcast system within the intercom system and the hospital to realize an integrated, digital, and integrated high-efficiency management platform system to enhance the hospital's comprehensive management level.
The hospital intercom system builds a communication platform with the help of the hospital's dedicated network. The system sets the ward door machine at the entrance of each ward, and connects with an electric control lock for access control. There are management platforms in nurse stations and doctor offices in each ward, which are responsible for responding to the call requests of all patients in the ward. Set up bed extensions in each bed to call the nurse station for help. Set emergency buttons in the bathroom of each ward. When the patient encounters an emergency in the bathroom, he can directly call the nurse station for treatment. The corridor is equipped with LED dot matrix screen, which is used to display the call information of the patients and remind the nurses in the corridor to deal with the patients' requests in time.
The design of the hospital intercom system covers the main areas of the hospital's ward gates, wards, toilets, etc., where the wards and other places are designed with intercom systems and broadcasting systems for intercom, monitoring, emergency help, broadcast, and alarm functions in the place; medical care The intercom system designs an independent broadcasting zone according to the needs of the hospital. It is designed that each area can broadcast independently, broadcast programs independently, intercom, monitor, and emergency help; at the same time, all areas can be centrally controlled, broadcast programs centrally, and perform regional broadcasting.

hospital intercom system

Second, the hospital intercom system system configuration

The hospital intercom system design uses a network-based intercom system. The network platform is used to connect the nurse station to each bed. All communication signals and control protocols are transmitted through the network. The network-based digital IP network intercom system is used. It is a set of pure digital audio and video intercom system, which uses the internal network of the hospital to transmit digital audio and video signals, reducing the difficulty and cost of construction in the early stage.
2.1 Nurse station configuration
The hospital intercom system has installed a control dispatching station at each nurse station, and installed the IP PBX software based on the sip server telephone dispatching software in the dispatching station, which is used to respond to patient calls. Each nurse station is equipped with multiple sets of speed dial buttons, voip office phone.
2.2 Doctor office configuration
The medical intercom system is equipped with a voip telephone with speed dial function in each doctor's office, which is used to respond to the call of the nurse station and the patient call transferred from the call of the nurse station.
2.3 Ward configuration
Each hospital bed is equipped with a clean room phone. The clean room phone has a speed dial button to quickly get in touch with the nurse station.
2.4 Corridor configuration
An LED dot matrix screen is set on the corridor aisle to display the call information of the patient, and at the same time it can display the specific time and the indoor environment temperature and humidity.
Introduction to system functions of medical intercom system

Application function of intercom system

The medical intercom, broadcasting, access control, and call system are a very important part of the hospital's digital construction. It is for the exchange of information between nurses and doctors and patients, and improves the service level of the hospital.
The intercom system system transmits audio and video signals based on the internal network of the hospital. By setting up intercom terminals in nurses' stations, doctors' duty rooms, hospital beds, ward gates, and other areas, a set of medical and patient services between doctors and nurses is constructed. Real-time voice intercom, monitoring and monitoring, and call system for information exchange; the intercom system system integrates practical intercom, broadcast and call functions that meet the hospital's practical needs, and also has advanced uses such as voice recording, call hold, call transfer, and multi-party calls Features.
1. Information display
The system can be docked with the hospital HIS system platform, and the basic patient information, nursing information, medical order information and expense list can be obtained from the HIS platform and displayed on the bedside medical care extension, eliminating the traditional handwritten patient information form.
2. Intercom function
Realize the intercom between the doctor and the nurse; realize the intercom between the doctor and the patient; realize the intercom between the nurse and the patient; the content of each intercom can be recorded and stored for a long time.
3. Urgent help
When a patient encounters an emergency in the bathroom and needs help, he can immediately call the nurse station through the emergency button and request help from the nurse station.
4. Designated Intercom
When the nurse or doctor needs to communicate with the patient, the intercom system can be used for intercom in real time. The intercom process must not have delays, voice discontinuities and other adverse phenomena. The entire intercom process is recorded and saved.
5. Broadcast function
Realize that each nurse station can operate the whole area or zone broadcast under the network, and does not affect the normal intercom function during the broadcast.
7. Linkage function
The system and the surveillance video system are integrated into the security management platform. By docking with the surveillance video system, real-time video recording of video surveillance can be realized when the relevant area is alarmed.

Advantages and characteristics of the intercom system

1. Simple and fast operation
Start intercom with one click and talk directly.
2. Large volume and good sound quality
The call audio frequency range is 7KHz, and hands-free calls and calls can still be made in noisy environments.
3. Public Broadcasting
It can broadcast point-to-point, zone and whole area.
4. Environmental monitoring
In the control room, you can monitor the sound of the environment near each terminal.
5. External interface
The terminal has access control output, alarm input interface, etc., and can also be connected with medical detection equipment such as infusion alarm.
6. Call recording
The system has an automatic call recording function, which is stored on the server hard disk, which is safe and convenient to call at any time

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