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The school pa system is a pa system integrating emergency voice communication and public broadcasting, specially designed by KNTECH communication experts. The whole paging system adopts high-power sip speaker, with column type and wall type speaker optional, equipped with power amplifier, which can spread the whole paging system all over the outdoor campus and classroom. The whole pa system and emergency intercom system are integrated together, which is an emergency intercom system integrating emergency broadcast and emergency communication.

What can a school pa system do?


The school paging system uses sip server as the integrated equipment of the whole system. In the school duty room can be placed, with IP PBX software dispatcher, window intercom and school intercom. When broadcasting is needed, use the broadcast function in the dispatcher to play pre-stored audio files, or use window intercom to broadcast manually. If you need to use the emergency call function of the school broadcasting system, you only need to use the emergency call intercom to automatically communicate with the duty room with one click. The emergency call function of paging system also has queue, call transfer, recording upload and other functions, which solves the problem that the emergency help duty room cannot answer at the same time.

How to setup school pa system?

how to setup school pa system

In setting up the whole school pa system, we need to prepare some necessary equipment. According to the size and needs of the school, a certain number of sip speakers will be selected. According to the actual installation of sip speakers, we can choose different types of speakers, such as column speakers and wall speakers. Also need to prepare network switch, fiber optic transceiver, splitter, sip intercom, shift room phone, dispatcher, sip serve, power amplifier, several network cables and audio cables. The first to use switch, all the office phone and sip server connected to the optical transceiver, the use of optical fiber transmission signal over a long distance, then the network switch connected to the optical transceiver, connect the emergency intercom network switches, borne power amplifier is connected to the emergency intercom, then sip speaker is connected to the amplifier. The safe transmission distance of network signals is 100 meters, and over 100 meters, fiber optic signals are selected for transmission. One area, choose 1 network switch, the intercom phone below the switch does not exceed the network interface of the network switch.

Advantages of school pa system with integrated system

The whole system adopts IP signal transmission, stable signal and high communication quality. Use IP PBX telephone system, call completely free. The whole system, unified management, high management efficiency, rich media functions, strong extensibility. Compatible with other systems, can use terminal self-check system and NMP unified network management system integration, automatic alarm interphone operation, etc.

What is PA speaker mean?

PA speaker stands for public address speaker and is an important part of pa system. Now pa speaker, there are many types, depending on the power supply method can be divided into poe sip speaker, and power supply speakers. According to the distance of signal transmission, it can be divided into constant voltage type horn and constant resistance type horn. Under ideal conditions, the constant voltage type horn and power amplifier are effective within 100 meters. The distance between the constant resistance type horn and the horn is not more than 10m. The general pa speaker is a constant voltage type horn.

What are the components of a PA system?

The general pa system consists of a speaker, a power amplifier, a window speaker, a signal, an audio line, and a control line. Our self-developed pa sysem includes emergency help systems, including emergency walkie-talkies, using sip speker.

How does a PA system work?

When an emergency occurs, you need to use the pa system. Notify the staff, send notifications through the window intercom in the duty room, the terminal emergency intercom automatically answers the phone, the audio cable and the power control line connected to the amplifier and the phone, transmit the audio signal and power to the amplifier, and the amplifier transmits the audio signal to the sip speaker. Broadcast.

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