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Emergency telephone system

The emergency telephone system is a product designed for emergency communication in railway tunnels launched by KNTECH. Its function is to provide voice services in the event of an emergency in the railway tunnel, and as the last reliable voice communication guarantee in the case of an emergency in the tunnel. When an emergency occurs in the tunnel, the railway staff and the tunnel personnel can use the tunnel emergency call terminal equipment to initiate an alarm at the first time, and directly connect to the station attendant or dispatch center dispatcher on the up and down stations to report the accident location and on-site conditions. At the same time, during the command and rescue process, the emergency telephone system can be used as a communication tool for all rescuers in the tunnel, acting as a communication channel between the tunnel and the command center, providing reliable, unobstructed, and high-quality voice for orderly and efficient emergency rescue. Communication guarantee.

Emergency telephone system functions

The emergency telephone system is composed of emergency telephone center equipment, emergency telephone host, emergency telephone terminal and communication channel. The emergency call center equipment includes the main emergency call center system, touch screen console/dispatch station/duty station and network management. The system composition is as follows:

emergency telephone system

The emergency call center equipment is installed in the railway group company dispatching station/emergency command center, and the emergency telephone touch screen console is placed in the emergency command center; the central main system and the wired dispatch main system of the same dispatching section can be interconnected through 30B+D interconnection, which can realize this area Section line transfer station and emergency telephone communication in the tunnel. The emergency telephone tunnel host is placed in the adjacent tunnel station, base station, relay station machine room or directly in the tunnel with the machine room conditions, and is connected to the emergency telephone terminal in the tunnel in a collinear manner through a 3x4x0.9 long-distance low-frequency symmetrical cable. The emergency telephone terminal is provided by The tunnel host provides centralized power supply.

Emergency telephone terminals can be installed on both sides of the tunnel, with a distance of 400~500m on one side. The emergency telephone system console can usually be set up in the emergency command center and dispatching hall. It can be connected to the main system of the control center through the U port or E1 interface. The touch screen console is not limited by the number of emergency telephone terminals. Unified communication, realize various communication services such as single call, group call, broadcast, etc. with the emergency telephone terminal in the tunnel in a one-key direct mode. The console uses a graphical operation interface. Configure an external microphone and mouse, and support simultaneous touch and mouse operation. The touch screen console supports two main and auxiliary channels, among which the microphone, speaker and left handle are the main channel, and the right handle is the auxiliary channel.

Emergency phone system application scenarios

The emergency telephone system can be applied to the "smart city". With its unique advantages, it eliminates the load of face detection and face recognition in the cloud, greatly saving analysis resources, allowing the cloud to process more cameras at the same time as front-end portraits Detection and identification equipment are widely used in the safe city dynamic portrait system.

The emergency telephone system can also be used in "rail transit" to support dynamic crowd flow collection under high-density crowds. It is suitable for high-speed rail stations and airport security check channels, subway gates and exits, and helps rail transit operations and safety management.

In addition, the applicability of the emergency telephone system to the harsh environment of long and large tunnels, the design of long-distance power supply, the powerful switching capacity of the control center, and the all-round security design at the private network level can be used in railways, highways, petrochemicals, power plants and other industries. Provide professional products and solutions for emergency calls, dispatch intercom and other services. Advantages

Advantages of emergency telephone system

One-key direct connection, centralized power supply, long-distance communication, good voice quality.

All-digital technology, serial mode design without interference, stable communication;

Full-duplex call, DSP echo cancellation, clear voice, no howling in multi-party calls;

There are 4 bright LED indicators and 4 buttons on the emergency call terminal, one-key direct connection;

The main unit is centrally powered, and can provide power for up to 13 kilometers and 26 emergency telephone communications on a single 3x4x0.9mm cable.

Safety design measures, maintenance-free life cycle.

The emergency call terminal is made of sophisticated technology and made of high-strength synthetic materials. It can work stably in environments such as high dust, high noise, humidity, high temperature and low temperature, and strong acid and alkali. And it has passed IP66, salt spray, vibration and other third-party testing, which has strong environmental adaptability;

Lightning protection, high-voltage surge protection of terminal and host interface;

Fault pass-through, specifically designed for terminal fault detection, one or more terminal faults will not affect the use of other terminals.

Comprehensive equipment monitoring reduces the workload of personnel inspections and improves the accuracy of inspections

It can detect the power supply voltage value, output current, temperature and other parameters of the tunnel host and tunnel terminal in real time, which is convenient for opening test, daily maintenance, and fault location;

Both the terminal and the host support software remote upgrade;

A separate engineering wiring window is designed on the terminal, and the front panel does not need to be opened during installation and maintenance, which reduces the risk of failure caused by the entry of dust and water.

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