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T4 Handset With Push Button

T4 Handset With Push Button


Handset T4
The push button handset T4 is a simple speed dial phone that can be set up for speed dialing and one-touch dialing. The button phone is made of ABS material and has a solid surface for industrial internal communication.

Handset T4

This handset is specially designed for telecommunication in noisy environments with a push-to-talk switch. Moreover, it can be made with a volume control button as per the customer's requirement.

Handset T4 Features

1.The handle shell is made of special PC/ABS antistatic and other engineering plastics.
2.One-piece structure, good sealing and flame retardancy. lt will not break when knocked, deform when twisted, and will noiburst at minus 40 degrees.
3.Color of plastic housing: conventional glossy surface, matte surface can be customized.
4.Magnets or reed switches can be installed in the handle.
5.The transmitter adopts an anti-noise transmitter (sensitivity is -72DB, resistance 9.50).
6.The handle has a switch (PTT) function.
7.lt adopts puncture-proof, high-fidelity transmitter and receiver, and anti-noise transmitter to ensure the call transmisioncharacteristics of the matching phone, which meets the requirements of 4.2 of GB/T15279-2002.
8.lt can be matched with hook H3, H8 etc.

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