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IP Gateway

IP Gateway


ATA5 IP Gateway
In a three-layer IP network, an access gateway generally refers to various IP gateway devices that connect user hosts at the edge of the network.IP gateways use IP packet forwarding as a basic function. Some access gateways have user or client authentication functions depending on the corresponding functions and scenarios.

IP Gateway ATA5

      IP Gateways can be used for both WAN and LAN interconnections. A gateway is a computer system or device that acts as a conversion. The gateway uses the world's leading technology, the core chip can work normally in extreme cold and high temperature environment, working at minus 40 degrees and 70 degrees temperature.

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Interface and Buttons Description



    Gateway Size 85mm x 67.6mm x 35mm 
    Packing Size 150mm x 125mm x 55mm

==>>>> Product Specification
Operating temperature (от -40 до 70ºC)
Operating humidity От 10 до 90%
Physical interfaces 2 FXS ports
2 Ethernet ports
100BASE-T RJ-45
Power: 12V DC, socket 5.5/2.0
Reset button
Network parameters MAC-address (IEEE 802.3)
Static IP address
Client DHCP-protocol
Support of protocols:
Support of SIP-channels for UDP and TCP transport
Support of SIP in the NAT networks
Voice gateway G.711 (А- and μ-law)
G.726 (32 Kbit/sec)
DTMF support
Full duplex
Echo suppression
Voice activity detect (VAD)
Comfortable noise generation (CNG)
Amplification adjustment

Tone signal generation with light indication
Maintenance and contro Local and remote control via web browser
Back-up and restore with flash memory
Consumed power Range 1.8W-8.4W
LED indication Telephone1, Telephone2, Call, Internet, Power

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Ip Gateway

Ip GatewayIp Gateway

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