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IP Paging Amplifier

IP Paging Amplifier


IP Paging Amplifier-(1000w)

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IP Paging Amplifier IPMG-1000P

This remote VolP amplifier units is IP-based power amplifier. The units is connected to the central exchange unit via ethernet Copper CAT5 or CAT6 or fibercable. The amplifier is a Class D power amplifier due to its especially high efficiency, low powelconsumption and long life.
The remote lP-based power amplifer is integrated speaker monitoring. Speaker circuits are to be continuously monitored for short circuit, earth leakage, and ine interruption, Speakers is alowed navigation through the intuitive user interface. The user is able to define settings and make changes using the integrated web interface.

Advanced features:

VolP SIP 2.0 IP amplifier Self-diagnosis. Line Monitoring between amplifier and intercom server and speakers Display and function keys at the front of the unit Each unit has only one independent audio channel lntelligent 5+1 backup control Freely program mable Integrated monitoring functions (short circuit, excess temperature, voltage failure, function monitoring Distortion factor < 0.5% at rated power Optimized according to the EN 60849 standard "Sound systems for emergency purposes"Upon special requirement.

IP Paging Amplifier IPMG-1000P Design

==>>>> Product Specification

sip amplifier specification 130w

==>>>>Telephone System

1, The power amplifier combination can be 1 main + 1 backup,2 main + 1 backup, 3 main + 1 backup, 4 main + 1 backup, 5 main+ 1 backup, up to 5 main + 1 backup; Flexible collocation;
2. When each P main power amplifier is playing different audio sources, the backup power amplifier can replace any damagedmain power amplifier at any time, whichever fails first, When the bad power amplifier returns to work, the spare power amplifieican replace another damaged power amplifier.

1. A/B system host active backup hot backup.
2. A/B active and standby power amplifier hot backup.
3. The speaker cable is connected to the spare power mplifier, The main power amplifier works normally.
When the main power amplifier fails, it will automatically switch to the backup power amplifier.
4. All power amplifiers are IP power amplifiers.
5. The dispatcher and the main and backup lP power amplifers are automatically connected to the A/B host, anawhen the A host fails, it will automatically switch to the B host.
6. The warning light control box supports that when the broadcast is started, the warning lights are turned on, andwhen the broadcast is ended, the warning lights are turned off.
7. A single smart speaker uses the original audio circuit to perform fault self-detection and report actively
8. Speaker circuit loop detection.

==>>>>Product Application

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

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This product model:IPMG-1000P(1000w)