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Audible and visual alarm

Audible and visual alarm




      Aluminum die-cast shell, surface electrostatic spray. 

      Glass shade, with a strong impact resistance. 

      High corrosion resistance of stainless steel exposed fasteners; 

      LED light source, high brightness, long service life. 

      Pipe or cable wiring.

power rating: 15W
sound intensity :≥120DB
Type of Lamp-house:LED light resource 
Protection grade:IP65
guide number:150 times/min
 Product Weight:2.56KG
Installation way: wall type
voltage rating:AC220V 50HZ

audible and visual alarm detail

==>>>> Product Specification

Technical Specification

     Model: Beacon-7 
     Rated voltage: AC220V 50Hz (if any special requirements please specify) 
     Protection class: IP66 
     Corrosion grade: WF1 * WF2 
     Flash Views: 150 times / min 
     Sound intensity: ≥ 120dB 
     Intakes specifications: G3 / 4 ", suitable for Φ10mm ~ Φ14mm cable 
     Terminals: ≤ 2.5mm ² 
     Installation: pedestal (z), 
     Product Weight: 2.56kg
Dimension (mm)

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==>>>>Product Application


       Widely used in oil exploration, refining, chemical, military, and other hazardous environments and offshore oil platforms, oil tankers and other places for general lighting and task lighting purposes; Suitable for energy-saving projects and repair and replacement places; Suitable for higher protection requirements, moist places; Suitable for explosive gas atmospheres of Zone 1, Zone 2 locations; Applicable Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B, Ⅱ Class C explosive gas atmospheres; Suitable for temperature class T1-T6 group

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