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Window intercom for Korean Red Cross Medical Project

Time: August, 2020

Place: Korea

Project: Red Cross Medical Project

Model: KNDJ-1


Project introduction:

The window intercom adopts a special external intercom speaker microphone, which is equipped with a power amplifier and an external speaker in the entire window intercom system to realize the broadcast function. The counter intercom has the function of sound amplification, which is often used in the bank counter, the ticket window, and the security of the customer service staff is greatly improved by the bulletproof glass and the customer intercom.

Key Features:

High quality duplex audio

Rugged Al construction

HD loudspeakers

Bottom scratch pad

Plug and play

Metal universal mic

External tape recorder

Automatic noise reduction

Two way communication


Designed for price ticket windows, teller windows, duty area, broadcast room, the window intercom for the dialogue between the printed area and also the window.  

This window intercom installed in the Red Cross medical house, can keep the distance of dialogue during the epidemic and reduce the possibility of virus spread.


Installation picture:

window intercom application window intercom application