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KNZD-09A emergency telephone with solar panel and rechargeable battery for highway roadside

This Emergency Telephone System ( ETS) provided on the expressway to service the needsand requirements of motorists. SOS telephones provide motorists with a method ofdirectly contacting motorway operators to get assistance or report incidents such as a crash or disabled vehicle. The aim of emergency telephones is to help decrease the timetaken to report incidents, resulting in earlier identification of remedial action and improved motorway safety, security and efficiency.

The roadside telephones are able to work for at least one day under the power failure. This emergency help point telephones also support a software adjustable equalizer for setting a noise suppression feature for ambient noise.

a) Keypad or emergency call button health status

b) Health status of handset microphone or receiver broken, or handset cord broken if the emergency telephone with handset health status.

c) Ring indicator LED health status

d) Buzzer broken health status

e) Temper proof health status if telephone box been opened or not

f) Rechargeable battery health status

g) Solar energy loop Rechargeable

This project use complete system solution for highway, include IP PBX server KNTD-100, POE switch KNPB-24, central IP phone KNPL-580, and highway telephone KNZD-09A, customer is quite satisfied with our service and products and repeat orders since 2017.