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Warm Welcome Alcatel-Lucent Global Representative PAYMOND TAN to Our Company

On Nov. 12 th, Alcatel-Lucent Global Representative PAYMOND TAN visited our company. And Mr PAYMOND TAN invited us to join Alcatel-Lucent Global Parternership. He checked our development capabilities, quality control capacity, and production capacity. And we introduced several our R&D products, which can be produced by only one or two companies in world. And that is why so many famous major companies in Europe and America would like to cooperate with us.
In wireless technology, we have our obvious advantage over many old European and American companies. Our client speaks highly of our persistence and innovation. And we discussed the future trends and problems of the industry. Besides, we especially show our thanks to Alcatel-Lucent for recommending our products in global market.
Meanwhile, we share our company development strategies that we learn technology development from HuaWei and Siemens and learn management from Toyota. We hope Alcatel-Lucent will exchange their idea in new production design and development with us. In our country, Alcatel-Lucent has been one of the four companies who boast softswitch. And we have scores of cases in the side. For example, we have won the bid of softswitch in Macau hengqin Tunnel. Mr PAYMOND TAN will arrange technical engineers from Shanghai and Singapore to visit our company. And he will visit our company again in January, 2013. At present, we have cooperated with Alcatel-Lucent in Guangfo line, Ningbo No. 2 line and other projects in Malaysia, India, Macau, Turkey and Poland.