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Highway Roadside Emergency Call

Highway IP Network Broadcasting System Solution

Expressway IP network broadcasting system/Expressway IP network emergency help intercom system solution, the selection and setting of the highway background music speaker, first consider the background music speaker playback effect without sound bias and dead corners, and ensure the background The sound of music does not affect people's normal face-to-face conversation in daily playback. In the event of an emergency, it can be played with the loudest effect to ensure that every place must be heard. Speaker selection and consideration of the environment and design of the place Beautiful

Highway IP network broadcasting system solution

The ambient noise of highways is generally about 65dB. According to the design requirements of the sound pressure level of public broadcasting background music, the sound pressure level of public broadcasting background music is 12dB higher than the environmental noise. Therefore, the sound pressure level of public broadcasting background music is required to reach 75 dB or more. In order to meet the needs of highway sound reinforcement, according to the relevant electroacoustic theory, the sound pressure level SPL of the speaker coverage area has the following relationship with the sensitivity level LM of the speaker, the electric power P fed to the speaker, and the distance r between the listening point and the speaker. , The selection and configuration of loudspeakers for the entire expressway are subject to the "Public Broadcasting Speaker Point Table";
Toll station: set outdoor waterproof horn, rated power 50W, wall-mounted installation;
Service area: install wall-mounted sound column, rated power 25W, wall-mounted installation;
Tunnel: Set fixed-impedance sound column, rated power 30W, wall-mounted installation, connected to the output of the IP network industrial intercom terminal power amplifier.

Expressway IP network broadcasting system solution, brand expressway digital IP network intercom broadcasting system product advantages description:

Simple construction and wiring: no need to build an independent network, it can be shared with multiple systems such as video surveillance network, computer network, IP TV network, IP telephone network, etc., greatly reducing construction costs.

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