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Reservoir Management Scheme

The distribution for drinking water sources and reservoirs are very wide in urban area, each city and each towns also have differences. It’s really a headache for managing so large reservoir area. Many people go to fish, swim and grow vegetables around the reservoirs, even some people pour in industry rubblish and waste material, which pollute the water source badly. 

We develop this Remote Management System to help the Water Conservancy Bureau and Reservoir Authority to manage and protect our water sources more convenient. It is composed of emergency call, telephone and control center. The shipping distance for the telephone have wired, wireless , optical fiber etc., it will depend on the actual environment.

The advantage of Remote Management System as belows:

First: It can be a good platform for the communication between the civilians and the water department. When the civilians find some people have the above illegal behavior, they can inform the water conservancy department in time. It also can let people to feel very close for the water department’s high efficiency action.

Second: This system terminal has broadcast function and beacon lights, we can broadcast some regulation rules, people search and drive those people who fishing or taking a shower in the reservoir and trying to do some damages.

Third: During the holidays, there are so many vehicles and tourists, we can use this system’s broadcast function to look for missing people and traffic dispersion.

Fourth: Within the telephone terminal management scope, if meet some emergency event, such as water pipe broken, debris flow, landslide, and fire disaster alarm, we can ask for help immediately.

Fifth: Each security and cruising personnel call the control center once when  arriving a place, it can avoid the relevant personnel malpractice and laze.

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