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VoIP Explosion-proof Broadcast Intercom System in Petrochemical Industry

atex telehone broadcasting system

Overview of explosion-proof broadcasting system

1) The system is based on VOIP network communication technology, and the related equipment is RJ45 interface, which can share the transmission line channel with Ethernet-based transmission equipment such as monitoring and PLC control. There is no need for additional wiring, which increases the cost.

2) The system consists of the SIP broadcast dispatch server at the management end, the police call in the control room or the broadcast console in the control room, and the front-end SIP explosion-proof and waterproof broadcast intercom phone.

3) The system has a fire-fighting and broadcast linkage interface, supports associated fire-fighting alarm signals, can preset emergency plans, and automatically activates the preset broadcast command after receiving the fire linkage signal.

4) The system can meet the dual functions of broadcast and call, and can automatically broadcast and switch to the call state. It can be one-to-one broadcast, one-to-many group call broadcast, or scheduled broadcast.

5) The system can be reserved for access to local telephone lines or internal program-controlled exchange systems.

Basic functions of SIP broadcast scheduling broadcast system

1. Basic functions

1) Scheduling operations: call, ban, forced barge, forced teardown, pickup, monitoring, multicast, broadcast, conference, night service, IP linkage phone
2) Monitoring function: It can indicate user status through icon color and text: calling, ringing, and talking;
3) Call and talk: dial-up call, incoming call answering, multi-line switching;
4) Management functions: system management, group management, account management, authority management, hotline management.

2. Office phone function

1) Free internal calls;
2) Basic telephone services: call transfer, call hold, call park, call waiting, caller ID, do not disturb, etc.
3) Conference function: multi-party conference, public meeting room
4) Voice mail, call direct entry, call restriction, combination of function keys, automatic attendant, IVR, user grouping, ring group call record, hotline function, video communication, recording service, telephone timekeeping, call phone query for received/missed calls , Query the phone number through the phone.

3. Intercom function

The terminal only needs to press the speed dial button to immediately make a group call like a group call; the terminals in the same group can hear the speech of the originating terminal. The intercom function has a fast connection speed, and the called terminal automatically answers, which improves the response speed

4. KNTD-100 system features

1) Distributed: multiple dispatch processing centers are allowed to be deployed in one system, which not only meets the needs of cross-regional deployment, but also solves the problem of insufficient capacity of a single device; no configuration is required from the dispatcher, plug and play;
2) Dual machine hot backup
Not only the central SIP dispatching machine can perform dual-system hot backup, which guarantees the safe and stable operation of the system, but also the dispatching terminal can provide dual registration for registration. While registering to the central IP dispatching machine, it can be registered locally as needed. The server, dispatcher or IP-PBX can ensure the smooth flow of communication inside and outside the tunnel to the greatest extent.
3) Lifesaving guidance and emergency broadcast
Broadcast the sound within the equipment installation range through multiple SIP explosion-proof and waterproof radio intercoms or broadcasts in the oil depot broadcasting system, which can be used to popularize safety knowledge or enrich employees' spare time, and can also be used as a life-saving guidance system in emergency situations . When an emergency occurs, the voice file of the emergency plan set in the emergency plan can be directly played to realize the rapid guidance of the emergency.
4) Effective integration with other monitoring and monitoring systems to achieve emergency linkage
The power grid security monitoring system, digital industrial television monitoring system and other monitoring and monitoring systems can be effectively integrated with the entire system through the dispatcher to realize the emergency linkage function.
Provides an alarm collection interface to effectively interface with various on-site monitoring and alarm systems. For example, if the on-site gas monitoring system detects gas exceeding the standard, the gas monitoring system can send corresponding data to the MDS dispatching system, and the SIP-BS dispatching system triggers the corresponding alarm linkage system , To promptly notify the people in the tunnel to evacuate quickly by broadcasting or other means.
5) Call recording function
The recording system is connected to the dispatching host through the recording interface to realize the recording of designated calls; it can record multiple telephones at the same time; it can preset the recording time to record certain numbers; it can also record designated numbers. The server provides file query and management functions.
6) Custom group function and authority management
Users can be grouped according to organizational structure or function, and each member can be in a different group; the dispatch console supports custom extended group functions, and members can be added to extended groups for conference and multicast functions; support flexible and rich command scheduling Level and authority settings (command, control, browse), support flexible and diverse command dispatch and control modes, the system supports up to 256 levels of dispatch authority, and different authority supports different operating capabilities.
7) Video scheduling function
Through the visual terminal, the dispatcher can monitor the scene image. The video monitoring terminal can also be linked with the voice equipment to perform synchronized voice and video calls. A video management server needs to be added to complete this function.
8) Emergency Communication Conference
Dispatchers can quickly initiate a conference by dialing the trigger number; the system allows users to initiate a conference through mobile phones and fixed phones, so that the commander can conduct on-site command without waiting for the situation report in front of the dispatching desk to make a decision; open Conference confidentiality authentication function prevents unauthorized persons from initiating conferences casually; mobile phones and fixed phones are also used as conference terminals to improve system availability and compatibility

Related equipment introduction

Management SIP broadcast dispatch server KNTD-100

voip sip server

The SIP server on the management side should be developed based on LINUX/maintained by users based on WEB. It supports the establishment of groups for front-end equipment, equipment status query, associated monitoring screens, initiating conferences, forming broadcast groups and other functions, connecting to the core Ethernet switching network and deploying In the duty room, it is recommended to place one. This device can support 100 SIP line registrations, and no less than 100 concurrent work.

voip broadcast explosion-proof telephone KNEX8

explosion proof telephone

The explosion-proof telephone KNEX8 is the only explosion-proof telephone in Asia that has passed ATEX certification. This explosion-proof phone can be used in hazardous areas. Explosion-proof phones are used in Zone 1 and Zone 2. It can also be used in Division 2.Ex II 2 GD & Ex ii 2G ATEX certified phones. Atex phones based on atex zone include atex zone 2 and atex zone 1 and atex zone 22.

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