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Intercom system for school

American University of Iraq intercom system

Time: 2021

Place: Iraq

Project: American University of Iraq Broadcasting SOS Emergency Intercom System Project

Model: KNTD-300/KNDDT-2-A15/KNPL-700/KNEM-26/KNEM-25


Project introduction:

The VoIP SOS emergency telephone station communication system with built-in louder speaker alarm security system is specially used for outdoor emergency help intercom and automatically dials emergency telephone lines. Commonly used in outdoor and indoor public places such as highways, schools, scenic spots, etc. KNTECH IP telephone system is based on VoIP technology, compatible with AVAYA, Cisco, KNTECH, etc IP PBX, makes the communication in different locations easier and more convenient.


Product Key Features:

*waterproof and moistureproof, fight violent percussion, nuclear radiation protection, chemical corrosion resistance, tourist attractions is weathered, resistance to cold frost prevention, etc.

*Support hotline call, self stop if the other side hang up.

*Lighting will flash when there is a incoming call

*With call queue, call transfer, monitoring, forced dismantling, forced insertion, user rights management, log management, with group call, group call function

*Support recording function Optional


*Waterproof rating IP 66



Installation picture:

the emergency station for school

the emergency station for school

the emergency station for school