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Intercom system for school

Our telephone hood in school

Huludao City China School, Liaoning Province telephone hoods

In China, students in many cities choose to live in school in order to be able to study at school better. To enhance communication between students and parents, it is necessary to set up some free public telephones in the school. A school in Huludao City, Liaoning Province purchased a large number of gsm telephones to install in the school. The phone is installed outdoors. In order to better install and protect the phone, KNTECH provides schools with a large number of phone covers to protect the phone.
The telephone booth is made of steel, and the telephone is installed in a column type, which is firm and reliable.

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Telephone hoods


Our phone booth is being used

telephone hood in school telephone hood in school telephone hood in school telephone hood in school

Phone booths are of good quality and cheap, very good choice. ----- School Teacher