Kntech heavy duty telephone won United Kingdom Und

Kntech's heavy duty telephone has been install at United Kingdom Underground. Its used for metro emergency telecommunication system.

Congratulations! KNTECH won the bid United Kingdom Underground heavy duty telephone. After the delivery of several projects of the Hong Kong high-speed rail, the Russian St. Pittsburgh Metro and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Earlier this month, we received a notice from the general contractor that we had won the United Kingdom Underground. In June, Kntech also won the bid for the emergency call system of the Turkish National Railway Sivas Railway.

Project performance

Project name: United Kingdom Underground

Product: KNSP-09 heavy duty telephone

KNZD-09, KNTD-1000, snmp network management, KNB3 weather resistant emergency telephone system

KNZD-09 Kntech emergency telephone won Turkey Sivas Metro

KNSP-03, KNZD-09, KNZD-14, KNZD-11, KNB4, KNB4A waterproof industrial telephone, lift to talk, waterproof call box

KNSP-01T2S D13 Weather proof industrial telephone used for St Petersburg metro

Emergency telephone system for the Turkish National Railway Sivas Railway KNZD-09 Emergency Telephone

Peru Prison Emergency Telephone System KNZD-27 Emergency Telephone