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Elevator call buttons

Elevator call buttons

material:Cold-roll steel sheets


elevator call button descrition

Elevator call button ADA

The elevator phone call button is usually installed in the elevator wall together with the installation panel in an embedded manner. Emergency telephone instructions should be posted next to it, and elevator phone usage should be provided.

Main Features:

1. Analogue/ IP SIP POE/ GSM Telephone 

2. Metal body stainless steel 304 or 316 or CRS Cold-Roll Steel. 

3. Identifying the push button can be customized in English or other language. 

4. The phone affixed to the mount using 4 stainless steel tamper proof screws. 

5. Push to talk, One button with memory for speed-dial call. Easy programmable. (we can also make the keypad built-in phone case for hidden). 

6. LED indicators for incoming call optional 

7. Wearable, waterproof, moisture proof, Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware 

8. Lightening protection to ITU-T K.21 

9. Automatically release the line when the other far end hang up first. 

10. Selectable 7 minute time out 

11. Patch cable is industry standard CAT 3 telephone cable patch cable equipped with RJ11 connector. 

12. Dry contact ready if customer need this for CCTV optional 

13. Self healthy checking and trouble reporting automatically 

14. Auto answer and auto stop 

15. Induction loop ready for optional need 12V AC feeding.


the emergency pool phone certificate
          EMC: EN50121 (Railway application- Electromagnetic Compatibility) 
                    EN55022: emissions 
                    EN55024: immunity 
          Ingress Protection: GB4208-93 IP67 
          ITU-T Recommendations K21
Packing detail:
the emergency pool phone packing
          1pcs in each inner CTN box, 
          size: 43.3 x 27.6 x 19.1 G.W: 4kg 
          4pcs in outer CTN box, size: 56.6 x 44.5 x42 G.W: 20.25kg 
          20GP: 3000PCS, 40GP: 6000PCS, 40HQ: 7000PCS

==>>>> Product Specification


Main technical indexes: 
      1、 Applicable for various types of SPC exchange and dispatching exchange system with feeding voltage of 48-69V. or DC or Solar powered. 
      2、 Operating temperature:-30℃~ +70℃ Relative humidity:10%~95% Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa Circumstance noise:≤ 60dB(A) The ERT assembly housing weather proof with an IP rating of IP55 
      3、 Sound level of ringing:≥70dB(A).~90dB 
      4、 Standard frequency:low frequency group:697、770、852、941Hz, high frequency group:1209、1336、1477Hz, frequency deviation:≤±1.5% If service line is a 3Km signal-level: Standard frequency:low frequency        group:-9dB±3dB,high frequency group:-7dB±3dB,level difference between low and high frequency of compound signal:2±1dB,the total distortion caused by intermodulation of harmonic wave is lower than the basic level by at least 20dB.        5、 Call transmission index:(5KM)SLR≤12,RLR≤-1,STMR≥10, output impedance is 600Ω. 6、 Super strong function is available for dialing 12 groups of numbers stored in the memory (maximum length of each number is16 digits)
Specification for GSM version
Main technical indexes: 
1. Network Interface: 2G or 3G, GSM Frequency :850/900/1800/1900MHZ 
2. Ringing: Through internal Speaker/ringer 
3. Power Supply: ※Re-chargeable Battery powered: 9V/14Ah, Solar back-up: 12V/30W ※AC ADAPTOR: Input: 240V/110V output: 9V/14Ah 
4. Time out: selectable 0-20 minutes 
5. Temperature: -20℃~ +60℃emp 
6. Relative Humidity: up to 90% 
7. Built-in battery Standby: 21days 
8. Built-in battery talking time: 21 hours

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elevator call button use

elevator call button application

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elevator call button side view elevator call button front view

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