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Wireless converged voice gateway

Wireless converged voice gateway


The KNXSGSM-32 Wireless Converged Voice Gateway is a versatile product for seamless connection to PLMN mobile networks and IP voice networks. The product supports access to the GSM mobile network and inherits the SMS sending and receiving and USSD interactive functions of the mobile terminal.
wireless converged voice gateway

Wireless converged voice gateway

KNXSGSM-32 GSM Gatway is a multi-functional product used to effectively implement the smooth transition between PLMN (GSM) and VoIP network. The GSM/CDMA VoIP gateway is designed for comfort, ease-of-use to satisfied necessary of customers. It is not only inherits tradition of quality voice communication over IP network but reduce the human resource of VoIP network deployment. It’s a cost-effective gateway for call termination (VoIP to GSM) and origination (GSM/CDMA to VoIP). It is fully compatible with leading soft switch and SIP server.

Provide SMS API interface

Wireless fusion gateway provides open HTTP API interface, convenient for users to secondary development of SMS function, used for external application program (SMS Server) remote control wireless fusion gateway send and receive SMS, using TCP bearer, using request/reply mode, all the number type of field use network order. And support SMS to email and email via SMS send function, flexible and convenient to use.

Simple management and easy maintenance

Web page management, friendly interface, simple operation;

Provide dedicated remote server (DRP) for centralized maintenance and management of equipment;

Provide complete SMS and SIM card history for easy inquiry;

Provide network capture package, system log download function, easy to locate the problem;

Support TLS and SRTP encryption protocols
The wireless convergence gateway supports SIP TLS and SRTP communication encryption mechanisms. When TLS is used to transmit SIP packets, the SIP packets are encrypted and transmitted throughout, protecting user data from being stolen by others, improving the security of voice communication. When TLS is used to transmit SIP packets, the SIP packets are encrypted and transmitted throughout, protecting user data from being stolen by others, improving the security of voice communication.

Rich application and flexible networking
The Wireless Converged Voice Gateway is a versatile product for seamlessly connecting PLMN mobile networks and IP voice networks, and inherits the SMS messaging and USSD interaction functions of mobile terminals. It adopts the standard SIP protocol and can be connected with a variety of SIP softswitches to realize the signaling interaction and voice call function between the mobile network and the IP voice network. It provides call minutes management, supports balance alarm and call minute limit functions, and supports flexible call control strategies to quickly build a low-cost, flexible and diverse PLMN-to-IP communication system.

==>>>> Product Specification

Key benefits


PIN can be modified 

Ping/ Tracer on web 


Up to 32 current calls 

Manual /automatic selection operators 

BCCH(Lock frequency) 

Syslog way output tracking information 

Compatible with SIMBOX and SIMBANK



G.711A/U law, G.723.1, G.729A/B 

Silence Suppression & Detection 

Comfort Noise Generation(CNG) 

Voice Activity Detection(VAD) 

Echo Cancellation(G.168) 

Adaptive (Dynamic) Jitter Buffer 

Call Progress Tone Generation 

Programmable Gain Contro


SIP Characteristics

By port registration 

By device registration(share account) 

Support IP trunk and IP trunk group 

Two 183 mode 

Response code switch 

All ports busy, redirected to other device


Mobile Specifications

Frequency Range: 

GSM : 850/900/1800/1900MHz (optional) 

WCDMA : 900/2100MHz (optional) Or 850/1900MHz (optional) 

DTMF mode: Signal/RFC2833 


Provide API interface 

Call duration limitation 

One/two stage dial-up, Hotline 

Polarity Reversal 

Custom IVR PIN and IMEI modified Carrier select 




Network Features

SIM card slot: 32 GSM channels 

Ethernet Interface: 1 LAN*10/100M Base-Tx RJ45 

Manage Interface: 1 Console RFC2833 Static IP, PPPoE, DHCP 

Network Protocol Support: IP,TCP, UDP,TFTP, FTP, RTP, RTCP, 


traversal: Static NAT, STUN 

Static/dynamic ARP request Up to 32 routing 



Physical properties

Power: 220 VAC 

Power consumption:80W 

Temperature(operation): 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ (storage): -20 ℃ ~80 ℃ 

Operation Humidity: 10%-90% 

no condensation 

Dimension(w/D/H): 440*330*66mm 

Weight: 6.4kg


Maintain & Upgrade

Web based configuration 

Telnet configuration 

Configure backup/restore 

Support English and China language 

Firmware upgrade by TFTP 

Web & telnet login password modify 

Factory reset 

Output CDR/Tracking news by syslog 

Ping and Tracer test on web 

Traffic statistics: TCP,UDP,RTP 

VoIP call statistics 

PSTN call statistics: ASR,ACD,PDD


Packing Content


RJ-45 Network cable 



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Wireless converged voice gateway

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wireless converged voice gateway

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