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mixer pre-amplifier

mixer pre-amplifier



mixer pre-amplifier

Mixer Pre-amplifier KNMK-001


MK-001 Descriptions
The MK-001 is a public address pre-amplifier with five balanced MIC inputs,three AUX level inputs and one EMC(priority)level inputs.
Priority muting is achieved via MIC 2 and EMC for overriding music for paging and emergency alarms.
Individal gain controls are provided for MIC and AUX inputs,bass and treble controls are provided for overall tone control.


*5-channel MIC input and 3-channel AUX input.
*With 1-channel EMC input.
*Independent volume control,MASTER volume control.
*With compulsive insert and Priority function.
*MIC balance input interface with phantom power.
*Individual Gain controls for MIC
*EMC has priority over all inputs exsept MIC 2
*Bass and Treble Tone Controls
*AC11OV or 23OV and DC 24V operation

mixer pre-amplifier


==>>>> Product Specification
Model KNMK-001
Input MIC 1,2,3,4,5:5Mv/600Ω Balance
AUX 1,2,3:10kΩ/200mV,Unbalanced
Output 600Ω/1V/0dBV
Frequenry Response 20Hz-20KHz(±1dB)
S/N Ratio MIC input:80dB
AUX input:85dB
Tone Bass:±10dB at 100Hz
Treble:±10dB at 10KHz
power Supply ~110V-230v 50/60Hz
Dimensions 484*298*44mm
Weight 4.22Kg

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mixer pre-amplifier

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This product model:KNMK-001