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      Radio Interface over IP 
      PA Interface over IP 
      Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch 
      Remote RS232 port over IP 
      Remote I/O port over IP 
      PoE and/or 24VDC powered 

      The KNPLC-B1 is designed with a wide set of hardware functions, and can be used as a PA Interface and a Radio Interface. 

      As a radio interface, KNPLC box provides audio and signaling. The unit has a headset connection for listening in on conversations. It features a remote RS232 port for signaling, audio in/out, and 12V radio "On" signaling. 

      As a PA interface, the PLC box provides an audio and signaling interface between PA amplifiers and KNTECH server/ exchange. It provides speaker loop monitoring inputs for each amplifier, as well as additional inputs for the monitoring of PA amplifiers and/ or other system components. The PLC box come with two parallel PA audio outputs, enabling the connection of two PA amplifiers. 

      The PLC box has an integrated managed data switch providing advanced networking and security features. This allow you to deliver efficient, instant, and secure voice and data services in an IP environment. 

      To provide maximum availability, the PLC box comes with advanced supervision functions. The line test will detect if there are any faults in the PLC box electronics or in the network. The status is shown on LED indicators, also can be reported to KoonWeb.

==>>>> Product Specification
Dimensions (WxHxD) 225 x 45 x 255 mm
Weight 6 kg / 3.3 lbs
Mounting Rack mounting 1U shelf, wall mount
Temperature range -10˚C ~ 55˚C
Power Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 a-f, Class 0, Local power 19 – 27V DC
Connectors RJ45 – Ethernet and RS232, XLR – PA amplifier , Pluggable terminals – Inputs, outputs,local power
IP Protocols IP v4 – TCP – UDP – HTTPS – TFTP – RTP – RTCP – DHCP – DiffServ – TOS – Vingto
Relative humidity < 95% not condensing
LAN protocols Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 a-f), VLAN (IEEE 802.1pq), Network Access Control (IEEE 802.1x), STP (IEEE
Audio Technology Wide band 200 Hz - 7 kHz (G.722)
PA interface interface Dual Balanced 600 Ohm 0dB audio out (adjustable 0 to - 10 dB)
Advanced features Dual port Managed Ethernet switch, RS232 port, Speaker loop monitoring
Radio interface Single 600 Ohm 0dB audio in/out (adjustable 0 to -10 dB)
Management and Operation HTTPS (Web configuration), DHCP and static IP, TFTP (firmware and configuration download), SNMP(monitoring)
LED indicators 5 LED status indicators in front panel, indicating power, call, status, fault, Radio Rx/Tx
Digital inputs 16inputs (8 referred to GND, 8 shorting or referred to GND) Input level 5-24V (if referred to GND) Protected to 27V
Digital outputs 16 relays (8 closing, 8 change-over) Max. switching power 30W (DC) / 60VA (AC) Max.rent 1A , Max. Voltage 60VDC / 120VAC

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This product model:KNPLC-B1