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Audible and visual alarm

Audible and visual alarm

model: KNL6
material:industrial standard coated steel body

Audible and visual alarm special fields: steel metallurgy, telecommunication towers, cranes, construction machinery, ports and terminals, transportation, wind power, ocean shipping and other industries; it is an accessory product in industrial alarm systems.

Audible and visual alarm for industrial and hazardous area KNL6

Audible and visual alarm (also called sound and light siren) is a kind of alarm signal device used in dangerous places to send warning signals to people through sound and various lights. Explosion-proof audible and visual alarms are suitable for installation in places with explosive gas environment containing temperature class IIC T6. It can also be used in areas 1 and 2 explosion-proof places with explosion-proof requirements in the petroleum and chemical industries. The non-coding type can be used with fire alarm controllers of any manufacturers at home and abroad. When an accident or fire occurs at the production site, the control signal sent by the fire alarm controller activates the audible and visual alarm circuit, and issues an audible and optical alarm signal to complete the alarm purpose.

      Kntech audible and visual alarm KNL6,the main feature is the power supply of phone line,no need additional 220V city power.Most places,especially in construction sites.City power may cause leakage accident and add cost.You have to design swatches and sockets.It’s inconvenient.

Audible and visual alarm installation requirements edit

1. The fire sound and light alarm should be set at the safety exit of each fire protection zone, and its position should be located on the walkway on each floor near the exit of the stairs.
2. For protection objects with multiple alarm areas, fire alarms with voice prompts should be selected, and the voices should be synchronized.
3. When multiple fire sound alarms are set in the same building, all fire sound alarms should be started and stopped at the same time.

The audible and visual alarm installation method

The audible and visual alarm is composed of a detector and an alarm control host. It is widely used in the petrochemical industry with toxic gases such as petroleum, gas, chemicals, oil depots, etc. It is used to detect leakage in indoor and outdoor dangerous places, which is to ensure production and personal safety Important instrument. When there is toxic gas in the measured place, the detector converts the gas signal into a voltage signal or a current signal and transmits it to the alarm instrument, and the instrument displays the percentage concentration value of the lower limit of the toxic gas explosion. When the toxic gas concentration exceeds the alarm set value, an audible and visual alarm signal prompts. The staff on duty should take safety measures in time to avoid the occurrence of the explosion accident.
1. Cautions when applying
Once the sound and light alarm is fixedly installed, its position is not easy to change. The following points should be considered in specific applications.
(1) Find out which leak points are possible for the devices to be monitored, analyze their leakage pressure, direction, and other factors, and draw a probe position distribution chart, which is divided into three levels of I, II, and III according to the severity of the leak.
(2) Judging the leakage direction of toxic gas when a large amount of leakage occurs according to specific factors such as the airflow direction and wind direction of the location.
(3) According to the density of the leaked gas (greater or less than air), combined with the air flow trend, a three-dimensional flow trend chart of the leak is synthesized, and an initial set point scheme is made at the downstream position of the flow.
(4) Investigate whether the leak state at the leak point is slight leak or spray. If it is a slight leak, the set point should be closer to the leak point. If it is a spray leak, stay away from the leak. Synthesizing these conditions, the final set-up plan was drawn up. In this way, the quantity and variety to be purchased can be estimated.
(5) For places where there is a large leakage of toxic gas, a detection point should be set every 10-20m apart according to relevant regulations. For small, non-continuous pump rooms that are not on duty, you need to pay attention to the possibility of toxic gas leakage. Generally, a detector should be installed at the downwind outlet.
(6) For places with hydrogen leakage, the detector should be installed on the plane above the leak point.
(7) For media with a gas density greater than air, the detector should be installed on a plane below the leak point, and pay attention to the characteristics of the surrounding environment. In places where toxic gases are likely to accumulate, special attention should be paid to the setting of safety monitoring points.
(8) For the open toxic gas diffusion and escape environment, if there is no good ventilation, it is easy to make the toxic gas content in the air at a certain part approach or reach the lower explosive concentration. These are safety monitoring points that cannot be ignored . According to the analysis results of on-site accidents, more than half of them were caused by incorrect installation and calibration. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce precautions for proper installation and calibration to reduce failures.


      steel mills, the tunnel construction, offshore platforms, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, smelting, heavy machinery, engineering vehicles, port, bridge, gymnasium, Banks, government agencies, post office, telecommunications, hotels, buildings, factories, shopping malls, airports, schools, hospitals, ATM, etc.


      Product name: alarm sunder

      Mode No:KNL6

      Housing:industrial standard coated steel body

      Color :Red,Yellow or customized


      Protection degree:IP 65

      Components:M6*20+M6  4 sets per pcs

      Operating position:Wall or ceiling mounting

      Temperature range:Operation-20 to +70°„C       Storage-40 to +85°„C

      Weight:3 kg

      Power supply:DC 12V

      Volume:Approx. 120 dB(A) at over 1m distance

      Beacon:Beacon flashing when telephone ringing

      Call voltage:AC24-100V 25-50HZ


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This product model: KNL6


This product model: KNL6