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Wireless telephone

Wireless telephone


Wireless telephone[KNEM-27]
The wireless telephone is a wireless alarm column that is specially set up outdoors. The wireless telephone is powered by a wireless phone motherboard that uses a solar motherboard.If you would like to consult or order wireless telephone, please contact us at marketing@koontech.com or online server, we will provide you with competitive prices.

wireless telephone KNEM-27

      Wireless phone configuration hd camera, solar panels, lamp, etc. Hd camera can clearly see, the use of an emergency call. Solar panels, can continue to bring mobile phone power supply. Using the outdoor wireless phone can get emergency help ensure that tourists in a timely manner

Main Features:
      1.  Metal body, solid and temperature bearable
      2.  Handset free, With or without keypad optional. With 2 units of built in loudspeaker on the top ,
      3.  With Dual Cards Dual Standby function, 5 group of speed call button. Heavy duty Vandal resistant buttons.
      4.  With wireless camera on the top to view the onsite environment via PC or Mobile Handset
      5.  Lightning protection standard to ITU-T K21
      6.  Waterproof grade about IP55
      7.  Body with grounding connection protection
      8.  Support hotline call, self stop if the other side hang up.
      9.  Built-in loud speaker, noise canceling microphone
      10.  Lighting will flash when there is a incoming call
      11.  AC 110v/220v powered or built-in rechargeable battery with solar powered panel optional
      12.  The design is super thin and smart. Embed style and hanging style can be chosen. 
      13.  Time out function optional
      14.  Colours: RED + Stainless steel , If the qty over 100pcs can be To customer specification


      As Public telephone for outdoor, Taxi or bus stands or station, Highway call box. Railway, Port, Dock, Generation facilities….A good ideal telephone for use in wet or corrosive atmospheres

Telephone layout


     EMC:EN50121(Railway application-Electromafnetic Compatibility)
     ITU-T Recommendations K21
Packaging specifications
Net weight:5.1KG
Telephone Unit size: 2500*310*255mm Unit Net weight: 90kg

1pcs in a wooden box CTN box, size: 2530X630X450cm   G.W: 186kg

20GP: 88PCS  40GP: 176PCS  40HQ: 205PCS

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==>>>> Product Specification


      1. Network Interface: GSM Frequency :850/900/1800/1900MHZ
      2. Ringing: Through internal Speaker/ringer
      3. Power Supply: Re-chargeable Battery powered: 9V/14Ah,  Solar back-up: 12V/30W
      4. Time out: selectable 0-20 minutes
      5. Temperature: -20℃~ +60℃
      6. Relative Humidity: up to 90%
      7. Built-in battery Standby: 21days
      8. Built-in battery talking time: 21 hours

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==>>>>Telephone System

Wireless Telephone Communication System

The wireless telephone communication system uses an industrial wireless gateway that provides signals using a local area network. Centrally manage and monitor with ip pbx servers.

==>>>>Product Application

Wireless telephone use in the road,the park, the community

wireless telephone by the road wireless telephone in the park wireless telephone in the community wireless telephone application place

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures
wireless telephone wireless telephone
wireless telephone wireless telephone wireless telephone

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This product model:KNEM-27