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Public Address System

School pa system-outdoor public address systems

As a tool of school information dissemination, campus pa system has a history of several decades. With the development of science and technology, from electron tubes to integrated circuits, from phonographs to CDs, it has undergone several reforms, but its equipment technical level and grade It is uneven, and there are many shortcomings in actual use and work. Especially in recent years, the pace of school information construction has accelerated, and a number of high-tech such as the Internet and multimedia have been applied to teaching practice, which has radically changed the traditional teaching methods.

   Based on the above-mentioned reasons, the traditional old-fashioned campus pa system has greatly restricted the application of campus pa system in school teaching practice and management. In recent years, closed-circuit television, broadband networks, computer multimedia and the Internet have been widely used in schools, and have gradually entered teaching and educational administration management. This provides a new generation of digital pa system for teaching with higher performance, stronger functions and more convenient use. may.

   The school pa system, from the selection of equipment, system design ideas, and equipment design indicators, all meet the existing campus needs and relevant national standards.

 1.2 Demand analysis:

   In the daily management of the school, the school pa system system can mainly:

1) It can realize the functions of ringing the bell in get out of class, automatic pa  gymnastics, information dissemination, pa  notification, finding people, background music, etc.

2) During the English listening test, different listening test content can be played simultaneously for each grade or each class.

3) During the national flag raising or school sports meeting, you can remotely control pa system to facilitate flexible control of pa system equipment.

4) In emergency situations such as fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, the public address can cooperate with the fire pa system system to quickly pa  emergency evacuation voices for the entire campus, prompting teachers and students to quickly escape the scene.

5) Teachers or pa ers can pa  the campus area in the office or on the mobile phone.

6) The campus pa  system design needs to cover teaching buildings, student dormitories, playgrounds, canteens and other areas.

(2) System design:

 2.1 System overview:

  Laibang campus  pa system system uses the existing campus network transmission (cross-network segment and cross-route), can pa  background music to the campus, and pa  notifications, news, voice files, English listening, etc. to specific areas. When a fire accident occurs, the system can switch to the fire pa  state and has the highest priority.

   The public address system mainly includes front-end speakers, transmission lines, terminal equipment, main control equipment and peripheral equipment.

 2.2 Product distribution:

  Laibang campus public pa system system is based on the campus network to realize the functions of campus information dissemination, ringing in get out of class, radio gymnastics music, listening test, and music between classes. The system adopts distributed layout. According to the different structure and functional requirements of each district, it is located in the school's main pa system room, teacher workstation, student pa system station, outdoor playground, teaching area, green area, public area (corridor, dormitory) and other areas. Related equipment is configured.


2.3 System topology diagram:  

school pa system 


2.4 System function:

2.4.1 Automatic playback of listening test:

Each classroom terminal has an independent IP address management, which can independently manage and control each class separately, so that different classes can play different English listening tests.

2.4.2 Bell ringing in and out of class, automatic pa  gymnastics:

The administrator can program the school schedule and the content of each time period for timing tasks. The system will automatically turn on the power to achieve personalized music ringing, inter-class exercises, eye exercises, flag-raising songs, and automatic playback of radio programs. Automatic reminder effect on duty.

2.4.3 Background music, pa  notification:

In order to enrich campus life, playing soft campus songs regularly during lunch break or after school can relieve students' urgent learning atmosphere and effectively improve the campus environment.

2.4.4 Remote control:

1) The system has user management functions, can support the setting of multiple sub-control points, has multi-level authorization control, high-level users can interrupt low-level users, and can support teachers, student pa ers and other users to log in to the system for the entire pa  The system realizes audio source pa system, pa system paging and other functions.

2) The teacher installs the sub-control software and network paging microphone on the office computer, and then uploads his own teaching content to the server for the classroom terminal remote control to directly browse on-demand. You can also submit the playing tasks regularly to realize the automatic playing of teaching content in the classroom. Create a good learning atmosphere and fully meet the flexible needs of classroom teaching.

3) Student announcers can install sub-control software and network paging microphones on the computer to control speeches in all districts of the school. Students can conveniently and quickly use the remote paging microphone to carry out school pa system and publicity work. Propagate major events, good people and good deeds, current affairs and news of the pa  school, and fully reflect campus life.

2.4.5 Wireless pa  control:

The system has the function of remote wireless control playback. When the national flag is raised on the sports field or the sports meeting is held, the radio terminal can be remotely controlled by the wireless remote control at any position of the sports field to realize the function of program playback, volume control, and wireless microphone strong cut speech. .

2.4.6 Mobile phone wireless control:

Through system authorization, APP application software is installed in the mobile phones of school teachers or pa ers to realize the functions of mobile phone wireless pa system, on-demand music, volume control and so on.

2.4.7 Partition playback monitoring:

It has the function of program playback and output monitoring in the computer room. IP network pa  monitor speakers are installed in the computer room. Through the server software settings, the playback situation of each zone terminal can be monitored in real time.

2.4.8 Electronic map:

The system is equipped with an electronic map module. After loading the electronic map, the information of the pa  decoding terminal on the electronic map can be retrieved in real time, with offline/online prompts, alarm area display, and file playback and playback control of the pa  decoding on the electronic map.

2.4.9 Offline playback:

The system can download and save the normal running timing program to the audio decoding terminal of each partition. When the network or system server fails, the system will not be affected in any way, and it can continue to work normally and continue to automatically ring and play the program.

2.4.10 External audio source acquisition and pa system:

Using software coding terminal function, it can transmit external audio equipment such as DVD, radio, microphone, etc. to any terminal for playback. Realize the automatic playback function of external audio sources.

2.4.11 Support U disk playback:

The pa system terminal has an external U disk socket and MP3 audio decoding function, and the terminal supports reading MP3 format audio programs. U disk songs can be selected and played through the terminal panel or remote control.

2.4.12 Support telephone pa :

Access through the IP network telephone access device, can realize the district or the whole district telephone pa  function.

2.4.13 Support fire protection linkage:

The system supports the access of the fire protection system. When a fire occurs in the school, the fire alarm is triggered, and the public address system automatically plays the fire voice evacuation announcement to remind teachers and students to evacuate in an orderly manner.

2.4.14 Standby server function

Any computer in the system LAN can be used to install backup server software, run and monitor in real time. When the main server of the system fails, the backup software is automatically activated to ensure the normal operation of the system.

2.4.15 Constant pressure backup input:

All terminals of the system can switch between analog pa  signals, and can connect the analog pa  system constant-voltage power amplifier signals to the terminals. When the system network is in condition, the analog pa  signal can be switched.

(3) System advantages:

3.1 Features of functional advantages:

Remote sub-control management

1) Student pa ers can pa  to the entire campus through the office computer, and can also realize sub-control and regularly release school management information.

2) The teacher can directly play the teaching content through the on-demand terminal.

3) Multi-level server distributed architecture management, supporting unlimited terminal online.

User Management

Eventually, multiple users can be added, and each user can be assigned different permissions, allowing different areas to be managed.

Phone, SMS pa

1) It can realize the telephone pa  function of the district or the whole district.

2) The content of the short message can be converted into audio and transmitted to the designated area for pa system.

External audio source timing pa

It can transmit external audio source equipment such as DVD, radio, deck, etc. to any terminal to realize the timing and automatic playback of external audio source.

Standby server function

Any computer in the system LAN can be used to install backup server software, run and monitor in real time. When the main server of the system fails, the backup software is automatically activated to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Audio source priority selection

It has a custom priority selection function, you can choose local priority, you can also choose network priority, and it can also be mixed and output, and the priority level is left to the user's choice.

User Management

Eventually, multiple users can be added, and each user can be assigned different permissions, allowing different areas to be managed.

3.2 Performance advantages:


1) The system adopts network digital architecture and network transmission control management, avoiding the signal attenuation and noise of traditional audio pa system, and providing high-fidelity sound quality.

2) The system realizes automatic playback, timing playback, loop playback and other intelligent playback functions through various programming. Graphic menu interface design, simple and clear operation, convenient and quick management.


1) The system adopts distributed architecture construction, and the construction is simple and convenient. Every time an IP pa  point is added, only the network pa  adapter needs to be added. Using the internal communication network, the pa system system and the computer network system can be shared, reducing the investment in multi-network construction.

2) With the help of mature Ethernet network communication technology, each terminal device is equivalent to a terminal connected to the campus internal network. The system adopts independent network segment design, embedded host, etc., which can be realized when the network is in normal use. Zero maintenance of the system.


1) The system adopts operating data based on Microsoft database, can set up regular backup data files, and can adopt server backup mode to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system.

2) Through the monitoring function, you can monitor whether the audio output on the line is normal in the computer room, and check the working status of the front-end power amplifier equipment at all times.

3) Digital IP network pa  system network data packets are encrypted in a special format to prevent interception and eavesdropping, and support image watermarking to prevent video images from being intercepted and changed after network transmission.

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