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SIP door phone

SIP door phone


SIP door phone
SIP door phone is based on the SIP protocol development door control calls. Using the sip phone door, can very good control visitor access. In through the door phone voice communication and password control, the absolute guarantee the user communication.As a professional SIP door phone factory, we provide different kind of SIP door phone and export to 130 countries. The Most Professional SIP door phone Manufacture in Asia!

sip door phone describe

KNZD-43 SIP door phone

    Sip door phone is a sip intercom that is specially installed outside the door. We can also provide sip door phone with camera according to customer needs.We are the manufacturer of Smart sip door phone video intercom system waterproof telephone emergency telephone  with illuminated button for villa and apartment,most details can be customized.

    The IP Intercom/door phone will be designed to work on apartment, hospital, school, metro…Housed in robust metal body, vandal resistant and tamper-resistant. FDSP ensure voice loud and clear. Good looking, durable, easy to install, comfortable buttons, and low power consumption.

The sip door phone is an ip intercom that replaces the traditional analog doorphone. By combining the sip door phone with the control unit and the power supply, it is possible to form a doorbell intercom and control the access control system. When a visitor needs to visit a community or a building, the visitor only needs to enter the house number to make a call with the owner. After obtaining the owner's permission, the visitor can enter. With the sip protocol, calls are completely free.we also can provide the voip intercom voice .

Sip door phone and sip server

SIP door phone, using international standard protocol, can be completely applicable to outdoor safe communication solutions, can meet the installation needs of customers indoors and outdoors. You can connect our KNTECH sip door phone to any SIP server and to the VoIP phone system. You can use any phone in the VoIP system to communicate with the SIP door phone.

Basic Function 

    Support G.711,G.729, etc. 

    Support SIP 2.0(RFC3261) and related RFC protocolCodec 

    Unlock function (swipe or communication)

    Visitor leave message

    Calling indoor extension for two-way conversation

    Software upgrading on line

    WEB remote management of Terminal malfunction or status


      EMC: EN50121 (Railway application- ElectromagneticCompatibility) 
                EN55022: emissions 
                En55024: immunity 
                ITU-T Recommendations K21 
                ISO 9001:2008

         Unit size:159*130*40mm,N.W:1.1KG 
         1pcs in each inner CTN box,size:230*170*80mm G.W:1.3KG 
         4pcs in outer CTN box ,size:439*277*191mm G.W:5.9KG

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==>>>> Product Specification

SIP Door Phone Specification

 Communication protocol  SIP 2.0(RFC-3261)
 Master Chip  Broadcom 1190
 Keys  Design  Stainless steel
 Direct-button  1
 Numeric Keypad  Optional,Shiny
 Voice  Microphone 1
 Amplifier  0.5W-10W
 Speaker   2W
 Volume Control  Adjustable
 FDSP Support(AEC)
 Voice stream  Supportable Protocol  RTP/RTSP
 CODEC  G.711, G.729
 Port  Power Supply  12V+-15%/1A DC or PoE
 PoE  PoE 802.3af (Class 0 - 12.95W) 48V/380mA
 LAN  10/100BASE-TX s Auto-MDIX, RJ-45)
 Cables  HSYV or better
 Passive Switch  Normally Open and Normally Closed highest at 30V/1A AC/DC
 Active Switched Output  12V/500mA DC
 Rs232  Supported


Card Reader

 Interface  Power supply  12V+-15%/1A DC or PoE
 PoE  PoE 802.3af(Class 0-12.95W)
 LAN  10/100BASE-TX s Auto-MDIX,RJ-45
 Recommended cabling  Cat-5e or higher
 Passiveswetch  NO and NC contacts,up to 30V/1A AC/DC
 Actice switch output  12V/700mA DC
 Structure  Shell Material  Cold Rolled Steel
 Operating Temperature   -40 C to55 C
 Working Condition
Relative Humidity
 Storage Temperature  -40 C to70 C
 Installation  Embedded installation (pre-burying)
 Size  159*130*40mm

==>>>>Telephone System

Sip door phone in access control system

The sip phone is used as an intercom terminal in the entire door intercom system, with voice intercom and 16 illuminated keyboards.Centralized management of the pbx sip server throughout the access control system. Control center, console, centralized management, monitoring, insertion, and tripartite sessions.

sip door phone access control system

Web Business Management 
      It is mainly used for remote management KNZD-43A voice access device, which includes such features as the device parameter management, access control parameter settings, card, log management. 
Access Control 
      Access control is consist  voice access control, exclusive DC power supply and electric lock . Inside of KNZD-43A,self-powered electric lock can directly drive the starting current of 500mA power locks; additionally you can also access exclusive external DC power supply and the voice access output control signals , to drive electric lock on and off by access exclusive DC power. 
Intercom function 
      Voice intercom system consists of KNZD-43A- access control, SIP phones, phones installed SIP soft-terminal, IPPBX . KNZD-43A Voice Access supports standard SIP protocol, and has good system compatibility with main IPPBX in the market. 

==>>>>Product Application
sip door phone mounting method wall mount and embedded
sip door phone application place

IP door phone
intercoms for every situation-whether in security, business,emergency,or any other special area.From providing simple applications requiring a clear and easy connection to a single IP telephone, to comprehensive communication arrangemens integrated into security and signalling system and IP PBXs.Having the highest quality and certification, ensures compatibility with industry-standard-based IP network solutions such Avaya,Cisco,and others.

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

Sip door phone (right view,left view,front view,rear view)

sip door phone right view sip door phone left view sip door phone front view sip door phone rear view

==>>>>Product Video

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