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SIP Speaker

SIP Speaker


Sip Speaker commonly known as "amplifier" his role is to enlarge the weak signal from the audio source or preamp, push the speaker aloud.SIP speaker is a speaker for industrial outdoor.
sip speaker description

Sip speaker A5

      The sip speaker is made of metal material and has a good seal and weatherproof function. We can customize sip speaker according to the user, can provide different power sip speaker and poe power supply.Main performance index of the power amplifier output power, frequency response, distortion and signal-to-noise ratio, output impedance, damping coefficient, etc.

The SIP Speaker may be a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af/802.3at) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address indoor speaker that simply connects into existing native space networks with one CAT5/CAT6 cable affiliation. The sip speaker can use in the pbx system. The sip speaker plays multicast messages, freelance of the SIP setting. Its tiny footprint and stripped-down will depth permits the speaker to be discreetly mounted nearlyanyplace.

SIP wall speaker is an element of a speakers to be connected in an exceedingly computer network for the PA (Public Address) paging of ads, speech and music, in offices, factories, public places. the interior circuits incorporate a poet power provide.The SIP compliant wall mount indoor speaker designed for voice paging, loud ringing, and emergency/safety/security notification and alerting. The speaker is poet and doesn't need a furtherelectronic equipment. Common application environments include: schoolroom, factory (e.g., OSHA), warehouse, utility plant, shop, garage, lunch room, kitchen, etc.

SIP Speakers Unify your Paging and VoIP Network

When putting in a replacement VoIP System or paging system in your workplace, establishment, it's necessary to use a sip speaker to assist you broadcast.

Now, a paging system is critical, particularly in colleges, malls, and huge campuses. If you do not have already gotassociate degree analog electro-acoustic transducer in situ, extend your VoIP System that walk to incorporate IP Speakers as SIP endpoints. IP speakers that connect with your VoIP system as if they were another VoIP Phone or through zone managementlers to grant you control over wherever your message is extended to. to increase your reach, IP speakers will be connected to more cost-effective analog ceiling speakers permitting you to use your VoIP system to speak whereas saving prices on speaker hardware.

Take SIP Speaker for playback of live or pre-recorded announcements. This enduring speaker offers a fully-featured sound system with SIP protocol support. What’s a lot of, it doesn’t would like any further HW or SWinvestment.

Power electronic equipment Technology

A high potency and low consumption double D-Class electronic equipment will generate a most output power of 12W (2x6W) eight ohms with high sound quality. The electronic equipment is self-protected against overload and short output power. it's provided a second auxiliary output which might be dropped at another passive speaker to higher distribute the output power or to come up with a 100V-6W PA line.

we can provide the different type of speaker

We can offers a spread of economic, IP-based speakers, together with wall, bi-directional and ceiling tile speakers that ar value effective and straightforward to put in. Our industrial IP Paging Speakers also are compatible with VoIP (SIP a pair of.0) telephone Systems as a SIP Speaker.

We can offers a good type of IP ceiling speakers together with trade normal 8in spherical ceiling speakers, parallelogram drop-in speakers for false drop ceilings, similarly as wall mounted speakers and intercommunication system systems. Unify your electronic communication by combining your IP electro-acoustic transducer with a network clock or associate degree IP digital message board.

Summary :

      Make your own 10W ~50W  SIP speaker or intercom station. Being highly customizable this intercom module can cover your need for VoIP anywhere.

     The top complaint about voice audio in the security industry is how poor audio quality affects everything, from providing a more secure environment, to critical mistakes and inefficiencies due to inadequate communications. However, our SIP speaker A5 offers HD audio quality for indoor and outdoor environments, and it can, for example, be used as a communication solution for Taxi or bus stands or station, highway call box, railway, metro, ATM machines side, tunnel, port, dock, mines, generation facilities...Plus, to improve audio quality, it features active noise cancellation and a  50W Class D amplifier.

Standard size:
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==>>>> Product Specification


Model A0-005-30 A0-005-60
Speaker connection: 30 watts*1 30 watts*2
Dimensions(W*H*D) 200*200*95mm 200*200*95mm
Weight 2.6kg 2.6kg
Protocol SIP RFC 3261 Compatible SIP RFC 3261 Compatible
Ethernet I/F 10/100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps
Power Input 110V~230V AC 110V~230V AC
Operating Temperature -40 degrees C to 70 degrees -40 degrees C to 70 degrees
C(14 degrees F to 122 degrees F) C(14 degrees F to 122 degrees F)
Connector on rear pannel connector connector
Support on line update YES YES

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