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IP voice gateway

IP voice gateway


IP Voice gateway enables point-to-point free communication. The new voice gateway has all the functions of PBX. Voice communications can be fully integrated into a company's data network, creating a unified voice and data network that connects offices and employees across the globe.That is a voice switch, which converts voice IP digital signals into analog signals.

IP voice gateway

KNXS-32 Technical Specification

  Voice features

   +Support FXS Port: 32 Extension Number

   + Support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and SIP related rfc 

   + Voice code: G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729 

   + Echo cancellation: support G.168 standard,reach to cancellation for 128ms 

   + Long-line transmission: Support telephone line for 10KM 

   + Support VAD, CNG 

   + SIP supports SIP domain,SIP certificate(none,basic, MD5), DNS, point to point (DIALPEER setting and IP inputting)calling 

   + SIP support registered 32 account in the same time;Support could make calling via any account; 

   + Support DTFM mode: SIP info, RFC2833  Support Fax :T.38、VBD、BYPASS 

   + Support SIP application, including before the call (unconditional transfer/no answer transfer/user busy transfer), call transfer (blind turn/ask), after three calls, call hold, call waiting, call a hotline number, quickly abbreviated dial, number replace rules, restrictions, call, don't disturb, caller id, outside threats ringing, outside threats ring, etc 

  Network features

   +Support xDSL PPPoE and redial when out off line.


   +WAN support DNS server function, support in DHCP mode, set dynamic DNS or static DNS address

   +WAN support DHCP Client

   +Support DNS Relay,SNTP Client,firewall

   +Qos support TOS、DSCP

  Management and maintenance

   +Support serial interface mode and can be program updates via a serial port mode

   +Suppor configure via website , telnet and serial port

   +Support upgrade and configure the files wia HTTP and FTP

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==>>>> Product Specification
Item KNXS-32
Adapter(input/output) input:AC 100-240V  output:12V 3A / 3.3V 5A
WAN 10/100Base- T  RJ-45 for LAN,Auto MDIX
LAN 10/100Base- T  RJ-45 for  PC,Auto MDIX
power consumption Stay:15 W working:40W
operating temperature -5~50℃
Relative humidity 5~95% Non - Condensing
Main chip MindSpeed M823XX
DSP MindSpeed M823XX
Flash 16MB
Dimension 440mm × 330mm × 44mm
Weight 3KG

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IP voice gateway system

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This product model:KNXS-32